How to win at tennis bets. Simple and accessible to anyone (part 1)

Monday, 27 June 2022

After football, tennis is the sport on which most bets are placed on. The specifics of the game are suitable for both pre-match and live betting. Regarding the “live”, the frequent reversals and the situations that arise offer opportunities considered very valuable. So, we have to get to work and present the tennis bets.

tennis bets

Factors to keep in mind when betting on tennis

It’s clear that there are a few factors to keep in mind when betting on tennis:

– playing surface. Each surface completely changes the way the game unfolds. From the tactics of the game to the movement on the field, the dynamics of the tennis match are different on each surface. The pace of the game, the rotation of the ball, the play of the feet and the consistency are the factors that you must take into account.

– history of direct meetings. The adaptability of each player is also influenced by the opponent. In the circuit, the meetings are frequent and the history (h2h) is essential on each surface. The mechanics of the shot, the force of the service, the movement in the field are dramatically influenced. It’s no secret that Spanish players play better on slag, Americans on hard surfaces and Australians or English on grass. It is the influence of the dominant surface on which they have trained throughout their careers.

– accuracy and strength of service. In the case of senior players, the strength of the service makes its mark on the game as much as possible. The grass benefits the service very quickly, while the slag attenuates the force of the blow. The movement of a very tall player on the field can suffer on slag and this can be seen in the game. Otherwise, you can find very good bets on the number of aces or double faults in games where players who rely heavily on service meet.

– the importance of the tournament. The professional circuit is organized in such a way that each player scores points but also defends his position previously won in a certain tournament. However, when a Grand Slam tournament follows, syncope and contradictory games may occur. But if you think about the value of the prizes at an important tournament, there will be quite plausible explanations.

– tournament location. Temperature, humidity, playing time are factors that can influence a player differently. Despite sustained training, some players may have difficulty adjusting. Even game scheduling has an impact on the players’ psyche.

– player involvement in the tournament and adjacent events. French players demonstrate increasing efforts in the tournaments in Paris, as Serbs play better in tournaments in their home country. The next step is “home tournaments” such as Basel for Federer or Belgrade for Djokovic and Roland Garros for Nadal.

Each of these factors must be weighed when betting. Because you will be able to adapt your bet more easily, to find good and more profitable options.

Types of bets explained

Think about betting for yourself, having fun, making a profit, enjoying a game of tennis or more. For this, it is necessary to understand the types of bets and their dynamics. That is, what happens in different game situations, how the odds evolve, how your bet is influenced by the actual game. Here are the most popular types of tennis bets:

⁕ Final result. Here are two signs, 1 and 2, other result is not possible. The most popular type of tennis bet, but not always valuable and with good odds.

⁕ Total balls in the match. In this case, there are limits or intervals on the games that will be played in a game.

⁕ Win the set. A set won, even two, does not mean winning the match. There are very common situations in which score reversals occur. 1 and 2 here too, you have no choice.

⁕ Total lumps set. A type of bet that requires proper attention and intuition of the game. A quick break influences (live) this type of bet dramatically. It can be below/ above 6.5, 7.5, 8.5, 9.5 and so on, the fractional limit eliminating any doubts about the result.

⁕ Asian handicap/handicap. A difference in balls intended to compensate for the estimated difference in value between players. A type of bet with other peculiarities than football, influenced by the connection of the players to the game, breaks, etc.

⁕ Total player sets/balls. In many cases, at least one set won can be a very attractive bet on tickets. In the case of Grand Slam tournaments, increase the number to two sets but you will also find a winning set. Regarding the number of balls per set, a break is decisive, especially since the statistical expectations are at 6-3 or 6-4.

⁕ Other bets – tie break, number of aces, number of double faults. Types of bets that require knowledge of the players and their behavior on certain surfaces.

The impact of tennis odds

As with other sports, the visual impact of odds can affect our bets. Odds of @1.02 assumes that a player is rated as a big favorite, but it is not at all beneficial for a punter. You may think that any player may have a fall, a syncope, or may deliberately give up a match.

Moreover, what happens if you lose on @1.07 odds? How many similar bets do you need to recover your stake?

Statistically, valuable odds in tennis can range from @1.40 to @3.00, but there may be exceptions. A rate lower than @1.40 raises some questions about the margin applied by the bookmaker, as well as one higher than @3.00. There may be other factors that alter odds at certain matches. It is not a “white” sport without arrangements.

Rublev – Isner – Roland Garros 2022, a game considered balanced, between two top players and with high ambitions and expectations. At the same time, they are both experienced enough to claim to win any tournament.

Rublev – Isner 1 @1.82 – 2 @2.05 By calculating the profit margin of the bookmaker at these odds, you will have:

(1/1.82 + 1/2.05) – 1 = (0.5494 + 0.4878) – 1 = 0.03 = 3% by default a very small margin. In this case, any odds are valuable to you, as the bookmaker’s margin is very small.

If, at another bookmaker, you find Rublev – Isner 1 @1.80 – 2 @1.90 and calculate the margin applied, you will have the following result: (1/1.80 + 1/1.90) – 1 = (0.5555 + 0.5263) – 1 = 0.081 = 8.1%, implicitly a margin over the reasonable limit. If you accept such a margin, in the long run, you will only get losses.

I will develop this article in the next issue of the magazine, where you can find out more about: live tennis betting, tennis betting strategies, tickets and special bets.

Tennis betting involves risks! Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose without being affected!

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