How INTRODATA is changing the player experience on casino floors

Friday, 24 November 2023

In the tumult of the gaming industry, having a strong marketing strategy is not an option, it is a necessity. Adapting to the needs and wishes of the players is essential, and this is where INTRODATA comes in with advanced solutions for a modern and efficient approach.


Through the marketing tools offered by INTRODATA, gaming operators can gather valuable data on player behavior and preferences. This paves the way for personalized marketing campaigns, ensuring an experience tailored to each player’s needs.

Of all the marketing tools available, the reward module offered by INTRODATA stands out for its efficiency. Players are motivated to return thanks to well-structured loyalty programs that give them the chance to win exclusive prizes and benefits.

By collecting and analyzing data, gaming venues can better understand the impact of their marketing campaigns. This allows strategies to be refined and adjusted for maximum results.

In essence, in such a competitive market, advanced marketing solutions such as those offered by INTRODATA make all the difference. They transform the way casinos connect with their customers, delivering unparalleled experiences and impressive results.

Choosing a surveillance system that also integrates effective marketing tools, such as those offered by INTRODATA, is critical to success in the gaming industry. In a world where competition is fierce and players are increasingly demanding, the ability to deliver a personalized experience and attractive rewards can be the key differentiator.

One of the most effective ways to attract and retain customers in casinos is to offer attractive rewards. And what could be more attractive than a generous progressive jackpot?

INTRODATA, already known for its advanced surveillance solution, has integrated a progressive jackpot into its system that has proven to be a magnet for players.

What is, in fact, a progressive jackpot? It is a prize that increases in value each time a player invests in one of the machines linked to the system until a lucky player wins it. This mechanism creates a sense of anticipation and excitement among players, who know that they could be the lucky ones at any moment.

Unlike global jackpots, which can be won in any location of an international network, the local jackpot offered by INTRODATA focuses on players in a specific room or location. This brings two major advantages:

Sense of community: Players know that someone in their room will win, increasing the sense of camaraderie and friendly competition.

More frequent wins: Due to the localized payout on a single point, the chances of a player in that room winning the jackpot are significantly higher than in global systems.

Integrating a local progressive jackpot, such as the one offered by INTRODATA, has a positive impact on the business. Players are more likely to stay and play longer, attracted by the potential for big wins. News of a generous jackpot also spreads quickly, attracting new customers to the room. Choosing a system that offers a local progressive jackpot, such as INTRODATA’s, can be the decision that sets an arcade apart from the competition. Combined with advanced marketing tools, the progressive jackpot becomes a reliable ally for any gambling business.

Fair marketing on casino floors and its essential importance

Fair marketing in gaming venues is not only about promoting products and services, but also about doing so in a responsible and ethical way. When done correctly, marketing can bring significant benefits to both operators and players.

Responsibility and ethics

Fair marketing is based on responsible promotion of gambling, ensuring that the messages conveyed do not encourage unhealthy or problematic gambling behaviour. It emphasizes that gambling is a form of entertainment, not a way to win money consistently.

Public knowledge

To be effective, marketing must be relevant to its target audience. This means understanding what players want, what motivates them and what they expect from a casino floor. Personalizing offers and promoting games that resonate with the audience can increase player engagement and loyalty.

Added value

The right marketing focuses on delivering value. This can include rewards, promotions and bonuses that encourage players to enjoy the gaming experience without pushing them to spend more than they set out to.

Transparency and honesty

All promotions and offers must be presented in a clear and honest way. Players need to understand exactly what an offer entails, with no hidden clauses or misleading conditions.

Correct marketing is essential not only for the reputation of the arcade, but also for the health of the industry as a whole. It builds trust between operators and players, encourages responsible play and ensures a positive experience for all involved. In addition, fair and responsible marketing can reduce the risk of strict regulation by authorities, ensuring a healthy and prosperous environment for all industry players.

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