Giorgio Abbiati: ”Our high-quality Italian design and workmanship, with growth driven by regular repeat business, provides a differentiated high quality offer in a competitive market”

Tuesday, 6 September 2022

Abbiati has built an enviable international reputation for the highest quality of its products over the last 40+ years”

We are very pleased to host in our magazine pages an long term partner of Romanian gambling market which with his presence in Romanian casinos and gaming hall bought style and great functionalities to our gambling spaces and comfort to our players. I invite you to read this interview with Mr. Giorgio Abbiati, the CEO of the Abbiati Casino Equipment to know more about how the company growing year by year and adapt at the new economical environment determined by the pandemic and by the political tension all over the globe.



We went through a tough time, the Covid pandemic, how did Abbiati feel these two extremely tough years? What was the solutions which Abbiati disposed and help the company to keep the business alive?

We have all had to adapt to the challenges of the Covid pandemic over the past 2 years, and Abbiati has continued to focus on its heritage of made-in-Italy quality, and reputation for bespoke design and build capabilities.

We launched a product portfolio dedicated to the online sector – Abbiati Online – which has been well received by existing and new operators.

We have also received an excellent response to the launch of our antimicrobial Table-Shield layouts last year. The product has been developed under the Table-Shield Product Line: featuring Swiss-engineered Patented technology, and treated with a biocide (silver chloride), they are proven to protect against microbial contamination in general, and therefore remain an effective product beyond the pandemic. Our assumption is that the continued use of products like these will be dependent upon their overall contribution to the maintenance of a safe and healthy environment, cost effectiveness, and ease of operation.

On the same product line, Table-Shield, Abbiati is proud to offer Sanicards: Card Sanitizing Machine and Sanichips: Chips Sanitizing Machine. The device uses in the Sanicards utilizes the UVC light treatment and work with PVC cards, both for Poker-tournament and Poker cash games and all Poker-related games wth single deck implication. Sanicards is absolutely safe to use: it’s CE-certified and compliant to the standard EN 62471-2008. The entire cycle of sanitizing is very fast: around 2 minutes time for one deck.

The Sanichips – Chips Sanitizing Machine was designed and tested to maintain the safe gaming currency and to protect both players and dealers from further contamination. The machine can sanitize around 400 chips in around 15 minutes, in 4 phases: ultrasound cleaning, sanitizing, rinsing and drying.

When you say Abbiati you say quality live gaming in the world, remind us what are the most important products you produce and market worldwide? What sets you apart from your main competitors?

Abbiati has built an enviable international reputation for the highest quality of its products over the last 40+ years. Research and development has remained a fundamental part of the business, from furniture through to security casino currency. Our high-quality Italian design and workmanship, with growth driven by regular repeat business, provides a differentiated high quality offer in a competitive market.

As you say, Abbiati’s main business focuses on the design, manufacture and supply of casino equipment as used in live gaming, including Roulette Wheels, Gaming Tables, Security Gaming Currency i.e. Chips, Jetons & Plaques, and Layouts, all of which are technically supported by graphics and CAD departments.

Our latest Intelligent Roulette Wheels are GLI-25 certified and provide the option of Patented invisible laser technology to read the ball, rotor cylinder and game status. Abbiati have taken sensing technology to the next level by incorporating five laser sensors in our American Wheel,  with five laser sensors to guarantee a faster ball reading as well as the prompt identification and signalling of betting status.

Our new ‘performant’ ball track profile provides an ultra-quiet performance and offers constant deceleration speed and better linearity, particularly after indication of ‘no more bets’.

The new Abbiati range of Patended high security gaming chips/currencies offers the Tie and Lucky 8 that can include Holograms, Holo-Prismatic and RFID Technology.



What products have been successful lately? Especially as many operators are talking about a change in the player profile.

As noted earlier we have had considerable success with our Roulette Wheels and our high security gaming chips/currencies.

The pandemic allowed us to further expand our product offer to the online live casino market and we intend to continue further product developments for this market. In particular we have seen interest in the Intelligent Shoe, which works with all makes of playing cards and offers a clear view of play via transparent machine housings; and also the Dice shaker, which is designed with an in-built camera for both Online game studios and land based live table game operations.

As a result of the pandemic, many operators have taken the opportunity to expand their business from land-based to online, so there is definite cross-over for players and suppliers alike.

Which market (country), worldwide, is your most important customer?

We have a broad client base in all territories across the world, including land-based, online and cruise/ferry. All of our customers are important to us, with strong recent sales across EMEA, the Philippines and the US.

In a past interview, you told us that Romania is an important market in your customer portfolio, is this still true?

That is correct. We have existing clients operating land-based casinos and poker clubs, and also in the online sector.

Abbiati are a licensed supplier to the Romanian market, possessing a Class 2 license, which is required for B2B providers, specialising in the gambling industry, that supply products and services to B2C operators licensed in Romania. We are keen to promote our position as a license-holder to an expanded client base.



Do you have any “special” commercial offer for customers in the Romanian market? If so, please tell us what it is?

If customers – existing or potential – are interested in any products within our portfolio, we are always open to a commercial discussion in order to fulfill their requirements on a mutually beneficial basis.

How do you see the future in the short and medium term, what are Abbiati’s plans for the future?

As you might expect, our clients are generally approaching the post-pandemic market with caution, hoping to rebuild their customer base and trading levels before incurring any major spend. Whilst consumable items will always be required, some operators are looking to pick up projects that were put on hold due to the pandemic, investing now to reap future rewards. Overall we anticipate a slow but steady rebuilding in the short to medium term.

Abbiati will continue to develop and manufacture world-beating high security gaming chips & currencies and live table gaming equipment both for land based and Online sectors, and also seek to develop and source new products and technologies.

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