GG 3+, the bet of the optimists

Friday, 18 February 2022

GG is an increasingly popular bet among punters and the reasons are easy to guess. The tendency of the teams to score, the offensive game practiced in more and more championships, a new approach compatible with goal betting and not only that. For this type of bet, the statistics are plentiful, there are a lot of correlations with other indicators and, last but not least, predictions, forecasts and tips that can be taken into account.

In order to win with GG, the lowest valid score allowed is 1-1.

GG 3+ is already a complex bet. Consisting of 2 separate bets GG (both teams score) and 3+ (over 2,5 goals in the match). Automatically, we will have a higher odds at GG 3+ than GG, whatever the match taken into account. This is true. But is this quota more valuable, is it worth our attention and our money?

We have come to the conclusion that it is worth playing GG 3+ even to the detriment of GG and we will see the reasons below.

In order to win with GG3 +, the lowest valid score allowed is 2-1 or 1-2.

GG, GG 3+ goal betting

Both are types of bets that target goals scored in a football game. The difference is made by a single goalJ. Because GG also covers the 1-1 score, the only one that does not fall into the 3+ category with goals scored by both sides. It can be meaningful or it can be an easy thing to get over. And we do this by choosing the quotas that we consider valuable and advantageous for us.

GG = goal, goal or both teams score. The score? 1-1, 2-1, 1-2, 2-2, 3-1, 1-3, 3-2, 2-3, 3-3 and so on.

GG 3+ = goal, goal, both teams score over 2,5 goals. The score? 2-1, 1-2, 2-2, 3-1, 1-3, 3-2, 2-3, 3-3 and so on.

Betting GG 3+ eliminates 1-1 from the winning score equation. However, a study by on 32181 games in the main European leagues shows that 1-1 is a common score.



Even if we are tempted to ignore the statistical aspects that do not benefit us, caution plays an important role when betting. Knowing that 1-1 is a score with high chances of occurrence, we can correlate this information with the value of the odds played. In some cases, we can give up betting on teams that have recently recorded 1-1 scores. Otherwise, depending on the timing of the game, we can include an exact bet on this correct score.

Statistics are very important and we build our game models based on them. But these models are also influenced by the criteria by which we choose what we will bet.

Let’s put the theory aside

And let’s focus on the practical aspects. 7Goals are the reason for football, they make the difference between winners and losers, they establish rankings and hierarchies.

Do any of the teams involved in your match have team problems, such as suspensions or multiple injuries? In essence, the idea is that if a team does not play the starting goalkeeper or center-back, then the probability of having a higher-scoring match will increase. Basically, the small details make the difference.

Another point of view is the comparison between attack and defense. Even though there are many nuances here, the quality of a team’s offense is looked at more closely than other factors. We can also reach details or aggregate statistical indicators (xG). And examples refer to the defensive position, the tendency to reject the balls, the aerial duels won, the individual duels won, and so on. It may seem overwhelming, but there is no need to do exhaustive analysis and end up in the funny “good analysis, uninspired bet” situation. Important are the aspects that we can catch quickly and that can make a difference.

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Our odds… our played odds

In terms of quotas, we need to capture some key ideas and pursue values that are profitable for us. Because even a small profit is preferable to a loss.

  1. We are pursuing valuable championships where teams have clear goals and achievements. Even if we have statistics that seem attractive in the second league in Mauritania or Tanzania, it is preferable to avoid competitions that we do not know. There may be other factors (quota limitations, delisted events) that cause us discomfort.
  2. We compare the odds at GG vs. GG 3+ to always know if we can get a value addition. For example, if we have @1.60 on GG and @1.67 on GG 3+ at the same event, the difference should make us think. Even if it is not a percentage limit as a clear indicator, we can ask ourselves some questions. “Is it worth betting on a certain odds?”, “Is the odds advantageous to us in the long run?”, “What options do we have if we lose the bet?”

Series A – January 6, 2022 – a stage with many goals on both sides. A review of the games played in Serie A on January 6, 2022 shows us that all 6 games were by GG. 4 of them were GG 3+, more than half. In 2 games it was GG 3+ from the break.

However, this situation should not be generalized. Seen in the context of the current Italian championship, it is not an insurance and does not lead us to a way of playing.

After a stage in which GG and GG3+ were abundant, followed the 21st stage between 9 Jan and 11 Jan 2022. There were 10 games of which 7 were over 2.5 goals. In 6 of these games it was GG and in 5 I had GG 3+. The most common scoring goal was 2-1.

At the same time, the results in the Bundesliga seem more favorable. In 9 games there were 7 GG 3+! A significantly higher percentage and easy to notice. Otherwise, we notice the fact that the Italian teams see the red card more often than the German ones.

Is it more profitable to play GG 3+ in the Bundesliga than in Serie A? Only quotas can tell us that. And these odds need to be correlated with our game strategy, the money management and the time we have available to analyze.

Bologna – Napoli GG @1.80 and GG3 + @2.35

We focus on a Serie A game, where we have a reasonable difference in odds. @1.80 for GG and @2.35 for GG 3+. But we don’t have to analyze too much to see that only 1 match in the last 4 direct confrontations was GG 3+. Rather, the two teams tend to play 2-3 goal games.

In this case it is quite clear that GG 3+ is a good bet to try, but recent direct results do not support it. On the other hand, Bologna scores quite a lot and Napoli is not the team to be on the defensive.

Leicester – Tottenham GG @1.60 and GG 3+ @2.00

We also see a Premier League game, one prone to goals. In the last 5 confrontations between the two teams there were at least 2 goals. 4 of the last 5 matches were GG 3+. Without a clear favorite, the game is seen as “open”, both teams having high quality offensives. A plus for Spurs, but Leicester are at home and can force.

In this match, it’s good to see how the two are on the defensive. Leicester have 31 goals scored and 33 conceded while Tottenham have 23 scored and 20 goals conceded. There are no big differences, with Spurs fighting for a place in the European Cups and Leicester hoping to climb more than 10th place.

We play GG3 + but avoid simple GG due to the low odds. The fixed stake is clear in this case.

Could there be conclusions?

GG 3+ is a complex bet that means both teams to score and score a total of at least 3 goals. Score examples: 2: 1, 1: 2, 3: 1, etc. We don’t have to be beginners or advanced to use it but we have to keep in mind that it is made up of 2 distinct bets. And if we aim to find games in which they score, games with goals from both sides, GG 3+ is worth using.

Single bets, in this case, are the most practical, easiest to place, track and manage.

In the case of tickets, 3-5 matches may be enough to ensure a good odds with a high chance of success.


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