GET’S BET strictly adheres to legal regulations prohibiting minors from entering physical premises

Thursday, 8 February 2024

Get’s Bet is an example of how to protect minors


Get’s Bet takes its principles seriously, with access to minors in physical locations being in direct contrast to these beliefs. In recent years, we have managed to carve out an impressive path in the gaming market, becoming a household name in the industry. The secret of our success is certainly in our innovative market-driven strategy, strategic acquisitions and focus on ethical development.


Given the rapid expansion of a network of over 1,000 agencies and more than 20 years of experience in the field of gambling, the protection of minors is treated as a priority, given their vulnerability to the associated risks. We therefore want to contribute to the prevention of addiction-related problems right from the start, by strictly observing the legal regulations prohibiting minors from entering the premises and participating in our activities.


Get’s Bet partner companies and employees are trained to comply with the law


The only measure that can help to comply with the law in force is the rigorous verification of identity documents upon entry to the premises. Unfortunately, however, this measure has its limits and we have recently observed various attempts by customers to circumvent the law: they present themselves with forged identity documents, identity documents of their brother (with whom they look very similar), etc. These situations are brought to the attention of the authorities in order to take the necessary measures, but they make it difficult for staff to comply with the law. The organisation’s staff are constantly trained in this respect, in order to completely prevent illegal access by minors.

Through a series of carefully planned acquisitions, we have strengthened our position and diversified our portfolio to develop and sustain a player-friendly market. These acquisitions have not only increased confidence in the company, but have also opened doors to new market segments. Partners’ values are always aligned with those of the company.  Social responsibility is not only applied to our directly owned locations, partner agencies are subject to the same legal standards. Compliance with the rules we adhere to within the company not only enhances the image of the organisation in the gaming market, but also the image assimilated by the players who have been with us throughout our activity. In any case, the partners know that the measure of definitive closure of the location in case of violation of the law is strictly applied without exception.


“Placing” minors in gambling venues, an immoral practice that must stop


As the law in force does not allow the player to be legitimised until he has crossed the threshold of the venue, we are faced with a dilemma. The presence of minors is not always a matter of foreseeable circumstances, and the competition sometimes takes advantage of this fact. Techniques have become synonymous with immorality, and there are even instances of minors being “placed” near competition venues. As a picture can speak a thousand words, these tactics hurt not only Get’s Bet, but the entire gambling industry, with no clear purpose. Through training, operators make it their duty to deny access to underage people, but the diverse contexts we are subjected to sometimes make this process difficult. For example, in one case, the operator, after identifying the minor at the entrance to the premises, asked the minor to leave but the minor did not want to leave and started using the slot machines. The operator called 112 to ask for help, the police came to the location, found the minor and notified the ONJN about the situation, who decided to close the location for one month and imposed a fine. The examples could go on, but the ideal is to understand and take seriously the preventive measures put in place.

Get’s Bet wants to maintain an atmosphere conducive to adult entertainment and relaxation, so measures are taken to prevent some of these situations. The use of video monitoring equipment, constant training of operators and entry checks help us to operate within the limits of both the law and common sense.


Online, the problem of underage gambling is easier to solve


The online environment brings with it both advantages in terms of the gaming experience and in registering new accounts or monitoring the activity of existing accounts. Our agents face various fraud and scam attempts on a daily basis, but vigilance and attention to detail in checking data pays off at the end of the programme.


Get’s Bet, an example of how to protect minors


Get’s Bet aims not only to offer an exceptional betting experience, but also to set an example in terms of protecting minors. By working with partners and actively engaging them, we believe we can help create a safer and more ethical betting industry for the future. As for our customers, we are with you in providing a safe entertainment environment. We urge you to bet responsibly, and together we can create a community of conscientious bettors. Thank you for your trust!

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