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After two years of the pandemic, in which the periods of activity with various restrictions and mandatory sanitary measures alternated with those of complete suspension of activity, the gambling halls resumed their activity under normal operating conditions. The moment had an immediate impact on all those involved in this field of activity. Here are some of the reactions inside the company Game World, the best network of gambling halls in 2021.

Helmut Duckadam

“I am very pleased that there are no more restrictions in Romania due to the pandemic, and we can return to the normal life we had before the pandemic. I missed the sports competitions the most. I missed being present at matches with spectators and enjoying the atmosphere made by the fans. Now I can only encourage everyone to enjoy this period because I have seen how hard it has been in recent years. I will definitely be coming to Game World gambling halls to watch live matches, attend events, give prizes and have fun. I know the virus hasn’t gone away, but I’m not worried because Game World has taken the health crisis seriously. Proof of this is the DEKRA certification, which they recently renewed. I am proud to be part of and represent a strong and socially responsible company.”

Helmut Duckadam, Brand Ambassador, Game World


Atilla Torok

“For two years, we had to respect the restrictions imposed by the authorities, go through the periods when our activity was temporarily suspended, reinvent ourselves, and adapt to challenging conditions. Despite the challenges and difficulties, Game World continued to innovate the gaming experience offered to clients, organize promotions with prizes, establish new partnerships, and even open a new gambling hall at VIVO! Constanta. The news of the lifting of restrictions is a sign of a return to normalcy. From now on, we can all repeat what we know how to do best, and in Game World, it means, first of all, fun, socializing, entertainment. Let’s restart shows and parties and respond to our clients’ entertainment preferences. At the same time, the change in the people’s mood is fundamental, and the wide smiles on the faces of colleagues and clients now communicate hope and optimism.”

Attila Török, Strategy Director, Game World Romania.


Ștefan Dogaru

” For the past two years, we have continued to offer our clients the best possible gaming experience under the restrictions we have been required to abide by. We have focused on health security, but we have never forgotten that our mission is to help people forget about worries and problems. That’s why we came up with news and surprises. We continued to give jackpots, organize promotions and offer the chance to win prizes. After the start of the “Cupra’s Champions” promotion, together with the incomparable Helmut Duckadam, the first editions took place under conditions of restrictions regarding the operating schedule, capacity, and access to the hall. Now that things are back to normal, my team and I are excited and looking forward to re-organizing the events and parties that have made Game World theaters popular and that our clients and we have missed.

Stefan Dogaru, Director, Game World Sun Plaza Bucharest


Diana Măciucă

“If I missed something in the last two years, I missed most of our themed parties that we gladly organize every month, but we could not enjoy the same during the restrictions. I missed the colorful cabaret shows and the artists’ live concerts in vogue until after midnight. I missed seeing the whole hall decorated and full of loved ones who were relaxed and in a good mood. I am happy that from now on, we can admire together again, from here on the terrace of Game World City Park Mall Constanta, the sunrise from the sea. I am convinced that the 2022 summer season will be exceptional!”

Diana Maciuca, Marketing Manager, Game World City Park Mall Constanta


Chef Cristian Voicu

“I joined the Game World City Park Mall Constanta team during the period when restrictions severely limited our activity,” says the winner of the” Chefi la Cutite” contest. “Only now, with the removal of restrictions and the return to normal, do I realize the high level of services, offers, and entertainment options that our clients enjoy. I am impressed by the professionalism of my colleagues from all departments, and I am delighted with the start of our restaurant. I wholeheartedly recommend everyone, locals, and tourists, enjoy the authentic casino experience they find in the largest gambling hall on the seaside and the culinary experience we offer with pleasure in the restaurant that I lead.”

Cristian VoicuExecutive Chef, Olimpico by Game World, Constanta


Lorena Alina Mihalache

“The pandemic restrictions made me appreciate more the life we had in the past before all this madness began. After two years of uncertainty, technical unemployment, and social distancing, I was pleased to learn that I can do what I love again from now on. I can go out with friends, go wherever I want, and have access everywhere. Professionally I can come to work and see the gambling hall full of cheerful people having fun at parties or coming to play their favorite slots in the biggest gambling hall in Romania.”

Lorena Alina Mihalache, Public Relations Assistance, Game World Bucharest Mall Vitan.


Denis Balan

“I work in one of the few new gambling halls that opened last year. From the beginning, I heard many stories about the activity in the Game World halls before the pandemic. Only now do I understand more clearly what it was all about. I am absolutely delighted, both with the intensity of the activity after giving up the restrictions and with the clients’ reaction who can now benefit from all our promotions. I am glad that now I can interact much more freely with them when preparing their favorite drinks. I think that socialization is what we have all missed a lot in these two years.”

Denis Balan, Bartender, Game World VIVO! Constanta




Diana Strachinaru

Even before the authorities announced the removal of the restrictions, at Game World Brasov, we were preparing to organize the 14th anniversary of our activity. The news that we can celebrate this special event without program limits, with all our clients, without the condition of the green certificate, was the fulfillment of a wish that I was looking forward to. And the party matched the event. For the first time in two years, I felt at ease, and I enjoyed the show made by Anna Lesko and her trio of dancers, the atmosphere, the awards given to the luckiest participants, absolutely everything that happened that evening was wonderful. I am much more relaxed and happy now, and I come to work every day.

Diana Strachinaru, Slot Attendant, Game World Cobco Brasov



Andrei Frimescu

“I have always trusted my colleagues, and I was convinced that we would be able to overcome all the challenges of this time. A time that was very difficult and completely different from everything we have experienced in our activity so far. After two years of the pandemic, we are still here, still together and more enthusiastic and more prepared than ever to give rhythm, intensity, energy, and spirit to our gambling halls. Because we are Game World!”

Andrei Frimescu, Director of Marketing and Communication, Game World Romania

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