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Game World participated in the first edition of the Entertainment Job Fair, held in April at the Palace Hall. On this occasion, the interest in the opportunities to work within the company was once again confirmed, with Game World having the reputation of a top employer.


It is already well known that, in over 22 years of activity in Romania, Game World has permanently paid particular attention to human resources, the environment, working conditions, and the management style. The culture of the company has crystallized around respect for all the categories involved in the activity of Game World: customers, employees, shareholders, partners, authorities, collaborators, and local communities.

An essential test in this regard was during the last two years, when, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the activity of the operators of gaming halls were dramatically affected, the periods of suspension of activity alternating with periods of restrictions imposed on the operating schedule, the number of customers and the way of working.

Game World is among the few employers in Romania that have retained all employees and have not applied measures such as salary cuts or labor force restrictions.

During the entire period of suspension of activity and, respectively, of operation under restrictive conditions, all company employees received their salaries in full and on time, the social contributions related to them being also paid completely and without delays by the employer.

Moreover, Game World paid the technical unemployment benefits calculated on the individual salaries of each employee and organized the safest working conditions, being the first network of gaming halls in Romania to receive the International Dekra certification for trusted locations.


Customer satisfaction starts with employee satisfaction.

“As an employer, the Game World brand is highly respected in the job market. The safest indicator is the staff turnover rate, one of the lowest in our field of activity; for example, we are proud to have colleagues on the team who have been with us right from the beginning, that is, for more than 20 years. We have always considered that the human resources policy, from recruitment to payroll and benefits, and last but not least, the retention and loyalty policy of the employees, are essential components of our business strategy. In this special field of entertainment services, the quality of the team, from senior to operationsț management level, is crucial; otherwise, investments in halls, equipment, and facilities, however substantial, will not bring the optimal return. From our point of view, continuous investment in people, in training and training, in attractive and correctly sized benefit packages, in a safe and comfortable working environment, means to ensure the business’s profitability. This is because employee satisfaction ultimately means customer satisfaction”, says Constantin Vasiloiu, Human Resources Director – Game World Romania.

Constantin Vasiloiu, Human Resources Director – Game World Romania

As great as the diversity of entertainment options offered to customers is, as attractive is the mix of benefits for employees. With a great set of bonuses and bonuses, the salary package is complemented by innovative actions of team-building, training, and professional development. Particular attention is given to the working environment and employees’ physical comfort and emotional balance.

Professionalism is the success secret of the team.

“I have an excellent experience working with Game World. It’s one of the enduring professional relationships in my work. I have no better word to describe this collaboration than a true example of professionalism. I got to know the members of the Game World team well, and I can say, in all honesty, that they are all professionals who know very well what they are doing and are devoted to their job. For this reason, we managed to build together a successful collaboration”, said Helmut Duckadam, Brand Ambassador of Game World.

Helmut Duckadam, Brand Ambassador of Game World

Game World has approximately 400 employees nationwide, operating in the eight gaming halls in Bucharest, Constanta, Brasov, and Alba Iulia and at the headquarters in the capital. It is worth noting the relationship between employer and employees, a large part of the members of the Game World team working in the company in the last two decades, some even since the opening of the first gaming hall, Game World Bucharest Mall Vitan, in September 1999.


Game World is a great united and strong family.

“Game World is my second family,” says Paula Băluță, Marketing Executive – Game World. “In 1999, I was among the first employees of the Game World gaming hall at Bucharest Mall, which since then until now has permanently developed, becoming the largest gaming hall in South-Eastern Europe. I can say, with emotion, that all these years have been exciting, that here I was formed and evolved personally and professionally, and that I am proud of what I have achieved with my colleagues. We have gone through both beautiful and difficult times – such as the last two years. The most important thing was that we have always felt that we are respected, that our jobs are safe, that we have opportunities to promote, that we are part of a strong company and that together we face all the challenges.”

Paula Băluță, Marketing Executive – Game World

While the current context continues to be defined by a high level of uncertainty and concerns, Game World consistently continues its development plans. Within these plans, the Game World team remains one of the main success factors permanently.

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