For 20 years in Romanian society, MaxBet, with people and for people

Tuesday, 26 December 2023

Throughout its 20 years of existence in Romania, through the thousands of people who have been part of its great team, MaxBet has shown and continues to show a continuous respect, responsibility and gratitude towards the Romanian society in which it carries out its economic activity in Bucharest and 14 cities in the country.


With great sincerity, warmth and transparency we have focused on initiatives, proposals and projects of social responsibility, out of a desire to contribute to the welfare and progress of the society in general. We are consistent supporters in various areas of social responsibility and we are seriously involved with our people, true volunteers who organize projects in their own name, in various actions of corporate social responsibility, demonstrating on every level of society that we really care.

In the field of education, we support young generations year after year, through various programmes aimed at all age groups, from kindergartens, general schools, high schools and university education establishments or outside them, directly as a company, or by encouraging and supporting our volunteers involved in such projects. All these actions are organised to support the development of children and young people’s skills, to ensure equal access to quality education and to open up new opportunities for development.


Our support for the education and future of the next generations amounts to €1.1 million and consisted of: financing national school Olympiads, providing social scholarships, supporting educational establishments by financing repair works and building materials up to the complete renovation of a rural school, donating furniture for several rural schools, providing travel costs for international competitions and debates (Odyssey of Mind, NASA Conference, Ardor Association, etc.), donating teaching materials, etc.


Thus, since 2022, we have been involved and have been alongside the BookLand Association, with a sponsorship of over 250 thousand euros, in the complete renovation of “George C. Dragu” Secondary School in Coroiești, Vaslui county.

Also in 2023, we sponsored the annual national Olympics through the STIM Association, knowing that the future is assured when children are encouraged to get involved in science.


We understand that an educated child or young person will become a prepared and competent adult, able to adapt and respond to the demands of our society. And when knowledge becomes a key verb in the development of young people, we are confident that future prospects will be better for all.


MaxBet’s full support of the training project offered to all employees in the gaming industry by the Responsible Gaming Association was another important project of our involvement. This initiative encourages the idea of responsibility in spending time dedicated to personal enjoyment in a specialised gambling venue, balanced relaxation and the creation of a relationship of trust with the participants in this activity who face the limits of this field.


In parallel, in the health sector, with a total contribution of €3.3 million, we have provided support and continue to channel resources to projects that address emergencies, needs or support the prevention and treatment of critical conditions.

To support health and all those in need of medical support, we have directly and fully supported with €1 million the construction of the medical helipad with day and night operation at the University Emergency Hospital of Bucharest, commissioned in December 2019. Also here, in 2016, in collaboration with the Daruieste Viata Association, 6 rooms dedicated to stem cell transplantation were renovated. We continued with the Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation, through which we contributed to the complete renovation of the SUUB Food Block, with an investment of 150 thousand euros. We are followers of the idea that contemporary medicine admits that healthy nutrition is an imperative condition for the recovery of the sick.

Serious and sincere collaborations last for many years and over time generate trust and lead to a significant contribution, such as our participation in the project “We make a hospital” of the Daruieste Viata Association, ranking us among the most important donors (5th place) or, through the same association, the renovation of a floor of the “Louis Țurcanu” Emergency Children’s Hospital in Timișoara.

We also joined the Cystic Fibrosis Conference in Cluj, supporting events that encourage research in medical fields, addressing diseases with a significant frequency. We strongly believe that solutions in medicine are crucial and essential to improve people’s lives.


We pay particular attention to diversity and inclusion, supporting organisations that promote equity and inclusiveness, so necessary today. Through our CSR actions, we send a clear message: social responsibility is not just a corporate obligation, but a moral imperative.


In this sense, we have generously contributed to the Hope&Homes for Children Romania project, donating a significant amount for the construction of the Respiro Centre in Iasi. This centre is a place where children are protected and human values are fully observed, as well as an important support for those who need a safe environment and proper care.


It is also important the support granted to KinetoBebe Association in supporting pediatric therapy scholarships and funding source for high performance scoliosis laboratory equipment, so that we can give children the chance to grow up healthy.

The third area of focus, sport, for which we have allocated €0.3m, has been given increasing importance as a result of our dedication and support for an active and healthy lifestyle for children and adults alike through projects that have encouraged movement and performance.

The annual internal “Champions in Good Deeds” event, organised since 2013, has been an important pillar in our commitment to social responsibility. All MaxBet team members actively participated in these actions, demonstrating that everyone can be a champion in good deeds, contributing to the community.


Driven by the same principles, we have fully supported the Atletico Slanic Sports Club, since 2014, a real school of national and international champion athletes, a club with a sports and competitive activity covering the whole calendar year, continuously, year after year. Through this sponsorship, we wanted to give children and young people the chance to grow up healthy and motivated, giving them the opportunity to play sport and achieve performances that are a source of pride for the whole community.

In addition, we contributed with a much-needed sponsorship at a given moment to the Romanian Handball Federation in an effort to support this branch of sport.


Since 2019, we have joined the Acțiunea Felix Association, providing festive Christmas meals for all the beneficiaries of the association.


We have also organized annual volunteer actions with all our employees through Shoebox actions. Each of our colleagues participated with great joy and on their own initiative in this joint project to do good deeds for the community.

These gestures, actions, activities and projects represent our ongoing commitment to bring smiles and joy into the lives of those around us all year round, not just during the holidays when generosity and selfless spirit are at their highest.


Our company’s firm commitment to corporate social responsibility does not reflect an ambivalent approach, but represents our sincerity, our genuine desire to contribute to the community and promote a healthy, relaxed, enjoyable environment that fits into the full landscape of normal life. All projects are proposed, supported, discussed, analysed and taken on by involving people from all over the company.

We gratefully acknowledge the positive impact of these relationships and recognize that each success of these people reflects not only their personal success, but also the involvement of those who believed in their potential.


At the end of an anniversary year for MaxBet, we congratulate and send our best wishes to all the people involved in social responsibility projects and we wish you a Happy New Year with many achievements on all levels and countless joys for all members of the Romanian society.

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