FEDBET in 2024: unity, cohesion, transparency, dialogue

Wednesday, 7 February 2024

FEDBET – The Federation of Gambling Organisers consolidates its position as the authentic and representative voice of the Romanian gambling industry.

The year 2023 has brought with it significant challenges. The moment of maximum pressure was felt, at the end of the year, with the adoption of GEO 82/2023 and, in particular, with the uncertainty created around the establishment of the payment guarantees imposed by the act.

However, through joint efforts, unity and alignment of actions, FEDBET achieved a common point of interpretation, digestible for the whole market, which benefits both the state and the industry. This success reflects FEDBET’s ability to navigate through difficult times and reach fair solutions for operators.

It was a difficult time, but because we were united under the same voice, we managed to get to this point. In this way, the State is achieving its objectives proposed by the Ordinance and the industry is able to absorb more easily the shock of the many legislative and financial changes that need to be implemented.

It is now clear that FEDBET’s strength and positioning is always against principles of seriousness and high standards within the industry and in no way positioning against “small” operators. It is not – and never has been – about “big” versus “small” operators. It is about being serious, regardless of the size of the operator, and about pursuing a common goal for the benefit of the whole industry. In fact, we have invited all associations to become part of FEDBET.

FEDBET is not one person, but the most important associations united under one umbrella. The fact that all member associations discuss openly and transparently within FEDBET is the greatest achievement. This framework for dialogue allows problems to be solved efficiently and conflicting views to be harmonised. Although there have been times when there have been different points of view, we have always come away from the table with a single resolution.

We are glad that there is cross-industry representation, both retail and online, and that we are the only relevant voice in relation to the authorities, and this is not because the other associations have become irrelevant, but because FEDBET has become relevant through the joint effort of its member associations, who have concentrated their forces so that the message is common.

I welcome the formalization of the relationship with ROMSLOT, which is in the process of joining FEDBET, and I thank President Sorin Georgescu for being open and a constant partner. He will remain the President of ROMSLOT, but he will have an official, extremely important and valuable position within FEDBET, as every member association has.

What we want to be understood is the fact that FEDBET does not subjugate the autonomy of member associations, but wants to create an environment where issues impacting on many types of operators can be discussed and resolved collaboratively. Where there are issues that may affect more than one type of gambling operator, the associations have a duty to debate the issue within FEDBET so that the important points are harmonised.


Finally, I have a message of thanks to all members and contributors, that although it has been a tough year, things are happening and we are starting to achieve goals together. Unity and cohesion are undoubtedly the keys to a strong future for the Romanian gambling industry.

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