Exploring Innovation in Gambling: SmartGaming and Syswin Solutions Advantage

Tuesday, 2 April 2024

In a dynamic industry like gaming, distinguishing yourself from the competition is not just a matter of offering more, but innovating and customizing the user experience. Syswin Solutions, a Romanian R&D company with over a decade of experience, does just that through its SmartGaming division, showing its superiority and innovation through a complex software-hardware slot management and business intelligence solution.


An impressive presence

With an impressive network connecting over 9500 machines and over 100 Cash&Play ATMs in Romania, Syswin Solutions demonstrates the impact and scalability of its solution. The dedicated team structured in five key departments underlines the company’s commitment to innovation and customer support.


Key differentiators

What makes the SmartGaming solution so distinctive? The platform offers a suite of advanced functionalities, from real-time monitoring and control of slot machines and roulettes, to universally compatible communication interfaces and innovative loyalty systems. The unique automated cash management solution in the casino floors and the ability to integrate with external business intelligence and ERP platforms are just some of the strengths of the SmartGaming offering.

A significant aspect that differentiates SmartGaming from other solutions on the market is its AI and DL-based predictive analytics and optimization capabilities through integration with PowerBI, Tableau and CyberQuest. This ability to anticipate trends and customize offerings for players gives operators a unique competitive edge.

Technology advantages

In addition to the advanced platform, SmartGaming’s hardware infrastructure sets new standards for reliability and security. With a replacement rate of less than 1% and an architecture that enables scalability and accessibility, SmartGaming demonstrates that it is built to last and to adapt to any market requirements.


Why SmartGaming?

Choosing SmartGaming and Syswin Solutions isn’t just a decision for a gaming management solution; it’s a choice for a partner that understands the importance of continuous innovation, customization and customer support. By offering a robust, reliable and highly adaptable platform, Syswin Solutions is cementing its position as an innovation leader in the gaming solutions market.


With an attractive commercial offering and a dedicated team that guarantees a smooth transition, it’s clear why more and more gaming operators, including Club King and Get’s Bet, are considering SmartGaming as the number one choice for their operational needs.


To understand why SmartGaming distinguishes itself so markedly from other solutions in the gaming industry, it is essential to explore its key differentiators in detail. These are the factors that not only place Syswin Solutions up above the competition, but also provide immense added value to gaming operators, improving both end-user experience and operational efficiency.

Single and Extended Integration

SmartGaming stands out through extensive and unique integration with leading business intelligence and cybersecurity platforms such as Tableau and CyberQuest. These integrations enable gaming operators to access advanced predictive analytics and optimize game performance and game mixes based on AI and DL. This level of deep analytics and predictive player targeting is revolutionary in the industry, giving operators a significant competitive advantage.


Exceptional Scalability and Reliability

With a microservices-based architecture and the use of containers, SmartGaming efficiently manages large volumes of data while ensuring scalability, accessibility and security. This solution can scale both vertically and horizontally, providing significant redundancy and excellent uptime across the entire ecosystem. The hardware infrastructure, with a replacement rate of less than 1% in 12 years, underlines the exceptional reliability of the system.


Customize the User Experience

One of SmartGaming’s strongest differentiators is its ability to customize the end-user experience. From segmenting and targeting players based on behavioural analysis and preferences, to advanced jackpot level configurations to favour different gaming strategies, SmartGaming offers unprecedented flexibility in the industry. It allows operators to create a unique and engaging experience for every player.


Developing Player Loyalty Through Advanced Technology

SmartGaming exceeds expectations in player loyalty by offering innovative solutions such as SmartWallet and SmartVirtualCard. These tools enable organic integration between physical and online play, facilitating money transfers, bonus point accumulation and cashback, and many other loyalty tools. Integration with mobile technology eliminates the need for additional equipment and reduces logistical efforts.


Smart Play&Cash: The revolution of Cash Management in the Gaming Industry

One of the key differentiators that places Syswin Solutions and its SmartGaming solution at the forefront of innovation in the gaming industry is the Smart Play&Cash system. This system provides an efficient, secure and innovative way to interact with customers while eliminating operator interactions with cash and potential fraud.

Unique Features and Benefits

– Smart Play&Cash eliminates the need for physical operator interaction with cash, thereby reducing the risk of fraud and human error, and increases operational efficiency in casino floors.

– The system integrates seamlessly with TITO and SmartCard solutions, providing a complete solution for managing games and financial transactions, compatible with all types of gaming machines.

– It offers the possibility to monitor transactions in real time through a dedicated application, giving operators full control and overview of cash flows.

-System includes customized alerts for each cash box, ensuring efficient management and prevention of cash incidents.

– Encourages customer loyalty by enabling the purchase of vouchers for various loyalty development campaigns directly from the ATM.

– Allows players and operators to withdraw cash directly from the terminal, facilitating access to funds and simplifying financial processes.


With the introduction of Smart Play&Cash, Syswin Solutions not only provides a solution to the current problems of cash management in casino floors, but also redefines the expectations of operators and players of what technology can and should be in gambling. It adds an extra layer of value to SmartGaming’s differentiators, underlining the company’s commitment to innovation, security and operational excellence.


Through these key differentiators, SmartGaming not only clearly distinguishes itself from other solutions in the market, but demonstrates a deep commitment to innovation, security and customization. These qualities not only significantly enhance the player experience and operational efficiency of gaming operators, but also set a new industry standard, positioning SmartGaming as the undisputed leader in gaming technology solutions.


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