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Monday, 15 May 2023

CT Gaming is a global leader in the supply of innovative gaming solutions. With more than 20 years of experience, CT Gaming has built a solid reputation in the industry with a variety of products, including slot machines, multigames and casino management system. 


The company’s products are famous for their extremely innovative design, state-of-the-art technology, and great visual and audio quality. CT Gaming’s main objectives have always been innovation, high-quality products, and satisfied customers. As the business strives to broaden its customer base and improve its product lineup, these factors have guided all business and technology activities and decisions over the past year.

The gaming industry is continuously changing, and there is an increasing demand for fresh, cutting-edge items. CT Gaming has been at the forefront of this innovation, continually producing cutting-edge gaming solutions. The Next slot cabinet, which is their most recent product, is not an exception.

A sleek and contemporary machine, The Next was designed to improve gamers’ gaming experiences. It features a vast, high-resolution touchscreen display that supports amazing visuals and animations. Additionally, the slot machine has top-notch lighting and sound that completely immerse customers in the atmosphere of the game.

Moreover, the Next cabinet’s multigames give gamers a variety of gameplay possibilities, making it an ideal fit for any gaming venue. Diamond King 1 is a multigame that offers players a chance to win big and is inspired by the gorgeous world of diamonds. Its vivid visuals, exciting animations, and high-quality sound effects make it a must-try game for any player. Diamond King 2 is another another thrilling multigame found in the Next cabinet. This game, which is a sequel to Diamond King 1, has unparalleled gorgeous graphics and animations. The players will be taken to a world filled with exciting games thanks to each of the two game packages’ 50 captivating games, 10 of which are linked to the progressive 3-level Diamond Tree Jackpot.

The newest game in CT Gaming’s product lineup, the Diamond Tree 20 Games multigame, is available in the Next slot machine. It consists of 20 of the most popular and well-known games among players and is all connected to the Diamond Tree 3-level Jackpot, giving players more chances to win big.

Overall, the cabinet’s multigames provide clients with a broad variety of gameplay possibilities, making it an excellent choice for any gaming facility. Featuring its huge advantages, the Diamond King 1 and 2 offer players the chance to win big, while the Diamond Tree 20 Games provide a wide variety of game opportunities that cater to different player preferences.

The Next cabinet is also designed with operators in mind. It includes features such as remote game management, which allows operators to monitor and control the machine from a central location. The cabinet is also customizable, allowing operators to choose the games they want to feature on their machines and adjust the settings to meet their specific needs.

CT Gaming’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is evident in the Next cabinet and the games it features. With its cutting-edge technology and sleek design, the Next cabinet is sure to become a popular choice for casinos looking to offer their customers the very best gaming experience. And as we look forward to what’s next from the company, we can only imagine the exciting new developments and products that they have in store for the gaming industry.

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