Experience is the key to our success

Monday, 11 September 2023

by Marcela Zarzără, Operational Director Mozzart Bet

I am honoured to return to the pages of Casino Inside magazine. I would like to share with you some of the things we do well at Mozzart Bet – especially our franchise and some thoughts on how I think we should have a good and effective relationship with the authorities and our role in society.

Latest news about our franchise

This business is constantly growing, with Mozzart Bet having over 130 partners in its portfolio. In addition to adding new betting types and attractive bonuses, we are about to equip the locations with much more powerful betting terminals, which we are sure will perform as expected. In addition to the above, together with our HR colleagues, we have developed dedicated training and personal development programmes to support partners in training their venue staff to better understand the needs of the players and their individual typology. At Mozzart Bet, communication, socialization and our adaptation to our clients’ requirements are paramount.

Franchise vs. Own halls. At Mozzart Bet there is no difference between the two categories

From the start there is no difference between the two categories. We don’t treat Mozzart Bet agencies differently from the venues we have in partnership. The player should not feel any difference when entering a partner location, they should have the same experience and comfort.

Our partners must follow the example of Mozzart Bet locations, including the quality of our staff, and they must be people who want to run a transparent business, comply with current legislation and grow as much as possible. Together with us they can achieve their goals. Our experience of over 17 years in this field is like a calling card for us.

Mozzart Bet, as a partner, is a plus for anyone who wants to collaborate and of course has our full support.

Mozzart Bet

Experience is the key to our success

As I said above, experience is the key to our success. The fact that Mozzart Bet is present in more than 10 countries such as Malta, Nigeria, Kenya, Colombia, Ghana, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Croatia, located on 3 continents, is a great asset for this type of business because it shows confidence.

First of all it is the human resource, and here we are talking about more than 5500 employees that Mozzart Bet has. An important aspect is that Mozzart Bet has its own bookmakers who set the odds of the events according to each country and its specifics. Staff who are trained and educated to provide players with exactly what they need, marketing campaigns organised to attract as many customers as possible. So, yes, I think we have a strong case. On the other hand, there are also the benefits in the contracts, and by way of example I can say that the amount of commission offered is up to 70% in favour of the partners, the resetting of the negative result, and other pluses.

We offer unbeatable odds on the Romanian market to our punters

Our bookmakers analyse daily the offers of our competitors and try to come up with a better one for Mozzart Bet, especially for the strong European leagues, but also for the Romanian Premier League. This is in addition to the highest odds in the world, our daily campaign where we offer unbeatable odds on the Romanian market to our punters.

Mozzart Bet supports Romanian sport

Indeed, we have supported both popular sports such as football, but also basketball and volleyball. We are a company that values long-term partnerships with reliable partners. So in terms of sponsorship we will follow the same line and try to keep the existing collaborations, but we will also come up with something extra. You will see the surprises in due course.

Strengthening the Mozzart Bet team is a priority for our company

Over the past few years our team has grown and that can only make us happy. After all, this is the sign of a healthy business. The team is varied. They are different people, but they manage to form a whole and work efficiently together. Salaries are at least at the level of the industry, and regularly, in addition to bonuses, performance bonuses are received, so employees are motivated every day to step out of their comfort zone and give 100% of their potential. We also have training and development programmes for all those who want it.

If we are forced to pay much higher taxes, the positive economic spillover effect of our industry will be greatly reduced

In my opinion the effect of increasing the level of taxation above a limit considered acceptable and economically feasible by the private operator pushes the Organisers towards downsizing through job cuts.

In addition, I can also mention the impossibility of offering decent wages in this area and the loss of the fight against inflation, implicitly lowering the standard of living for people who will still be employed in this area, but of course less motivated to perform their daily work.

Another indirect effect is that by being forced to pay much higher taxes, profitability will be severely affected, and one of the measures will be to restrict the positive economic spill-over into the economy by limiting spending on horizontally geared services. For example: reducing marketing budgets, reducing any extra-salary benefits granted to employees, cancelling or postponing new investment projects in the business, restructuring certain positions within the firm, cancelling service contracts, etc.

In conclusion, in an economy like ours, which is heavily affected by inflation, such tax-increasing measures will lead to a shrinking of business and push the economy into recession.

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