European Responsible Gambling Week is coming up: How does Romania position itself when it comes to player safety?

Tuesday, 11 October 2022

AOJND participates in the series of events organized on the occasion of the second edition of the European Safer Gambling Week 2022 from 17-23 October 2022.

Taking place under the EGBA (European Gambling and Betting Association) umbrella, the European Responsible Gambling Week hosts a series of events aimed at bringing to the attention of consumers, operators and authorities the latest information on responsible gambling and the mechanisms and tools to ensure player safety in the online segment.

“When it comes to Romania, things are quite complicated because, despite the fact that the legislation has consistent provisions regarding the safety of the game, in practice, there is no serious and real commitment from the authorities in this direction. This is where we believe the online segment has a competitive advantage. AOJND has the expertise and desire to create a safe and transparent gaming environment. Our members are companies that have valuable know-how in safe gambling and have high standards that they apply even in Romania. The use of artificial intelligence is key,” explains Odeta Nestor, President of AOJND.

In fact, a significant part of the events organized this year under the umbrella of the European Responsible Gambling Week will focus mainly on the exchange of experience between operators and authorities.

“It is very important to discuss openly, to pool knowledge and experience in order to get a clear picture of the subject. In fact, we are talking about two key issues. On the one hand, there is the desire to play freely, to have complex and enjoyable, uncensored experiences – an important element in developing a successful business. On the other hand, there is the need to guarantee the safety of this environment in which the consumer, without any rights or freedoms being infringed, can enjoy a pleasant gaming experience. It is a very delicate balance between these two aspects,” said Odeta Nestor.

Romania is among the countries with the most advanced gambling legislation and which have strengthened their consumer protection rules in the online gambling segment, according to a recent analysis of legislative systems in EU Member States, carried out last year on behalf of the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA).

However, Odeta Nestor points out, the events of the last year, especially on the taxation side, have changed the dynamics of the relationship between the authorities and gambling operators and this could have serious consequences, including in the area of gambling safety. “It is questionable to what extent businesses still have the power to invest further when the state has spoiled them by imposing harsh and non-transparent taxes. On the other hand, as I said before, people will not play less. They will play with the same frequency, but on sites not licensed in Romania. And here, we are already talking about an area where there is no guarantee for the consumer”, said Odeta Nestor.

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