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Friday, 10 June 2022

Euro Games is gradually becoming one of the most important gambling operators in our country. The first casino floor under the Euro Games brand was opened in Mioveni in 2011. Subsequently, the company launched two more casino floors under the same brand in Pitesti and Bucharest. The company initially developed the business with collaborative locations. In time, the operator decided to invest in the Euro Games brand and open as many locations under this name as possible. The company is currently expanding. Find out more about Euro Games in the following pages.

Euro Games

Euro Games casino floors, at a glance

The Euro Games casino floors had an organic development in a company with 100% Romanian capital. Thus, the development of the company was smooth, in small steps, without burning important stages. Like the team here, everything evolved naturally and led to a homogeneous group. Our casino floors have been developed with strict market needs in mind and not a forced development scenario or plan. That is why the existence of the Euro Games casino floors has not been affected by repeated openings and closures as is the case with other operators, but followed a process of development and consolidation that took into account only the needs of the players and not the business targets to be superficially achieved. That is why Euro Games, in its 11 years of existence, has had casino floors with over 12 slots in Piteºti (2 locations), Mioveni (2 locations), Bucharest (2 locations), Ilfov County (2 locations), Gãeºti (2 locations), plus other spaces that offer slot machines are in collaboration with other companies where there are less than 5 slots in the counties of Argeº, Dâmboviþa, Vâlcea, Olt, Ilfov and Teleorman counties.

The average area of an Euro Games location is 120-130 sqm, and the average number of existing slot machines in medium-sized halls is 30 slots.

The mix of games and jackpots in the Euro Games casino floors

In the Euro Games casino floors you will find the most varied mixes of slot titles, from the most important manufacturers in the world: EGT, NOVOMATIC, IGT or CT GAMING. Everything the players want in terms of games and fun will be found in their rooms.

The Euro Games jackpots have been designed according to the specifics of the location, so each Euro Games room benefits from the individual Jackpot, which has led to the loyalty and rewarding of its own players.

Customers are the most important at Euro Games

The typology of the Euro Games client is very diverse, anyone who wants to have fun is welcome here. Whether they have lower or higher incomes, have higher education or not, in the Euro Games casino floors they can recharge their batteries and forget for a few hours a day about their daily worries.

At Euro Games, customers receive daily open bar, but also regular events (weekly and monthly) such as raffles, cash promotions, plus shows and raffles every 3-4 months with various prizes, cars, gold bars, even apartments. Among the artists who have given concerts here are Pepe, Connect-R, Mandinga, Elena Gheorghe, Alex Velea, Jador, Mahala Raibanda, etc.

The Euro Games team

The company has 80 employees and other people who work in the associated companies and who are engaged in their joint activity with the collaborating companies. The team that operates the Euro Games casino floors is young, proactive, with experience in the area of casino enter­tain­ment, which makes continuous efforts to make the players feel comfortable and have a lot of fun.


Gabriel Păun, partner and administrator at Euro Games: „The expansion will continue, we will permanently invest
in technology
and people”

When and how did your gambling adventure begin?

The adventure began at the age of 19, during college, as head of the group. At the age of 23 I invested personal funds on my own, 5 slot machines – that was the legal amount at the time, after which all the expansion was made only from the money earned from the activity and reinvested permanently.

Why did you choose a business in this industry? What attracted you?

I chose this because I initially had the opportunity to work in the field and I learned what is happening. I was and still am attracted to the permanent dynamics of the field. Periodically and systematically you find new challenges.

How many devices does your company operate and in how many locations?

We operate 385 slot machines, in 41 locations and in collaboration.

What is the philosophy/concept/way of working that you adopt in the business you manage?

Direct involvement in the company, with deci­sions and effective work, structuring on hierar­chical functions, room managers, area heads, plus the respect given to the human factor in­volved in the company.

How have you been affected by the Covid pande­mic which, hopefully, has just ended?

It was a period of stagnation, we did not have big losses, we wanted to keep all employees, working even on a part-time basis with the same number of employees.

What other issues do you face in your business other than the ones listed above?

There are no particular problems, we consider that it is a very well regulated and developed area. The image created in Romania does not make us very proud, the negative image of slots or non-compliance with marketing rules I believe will affect us in the long run as an image.

What are your short and medium term business plans for the next period?

The expansion will continue, we will constantly invest in technology and people.

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