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Monday, 7 February 2022

Virtual sports are increasingly popular and win more and more punters. Because they are very easy to understand and play. The strong point is their architecture based on mathematical algorithms that make virtual sports much more stable and predictable than real events. Virtual sports and real sports betting share many similarities, but also a lot of differences. However, as they work better together than separately, I believe that more and more punters will be willing to try, combine and experiment in the two areas, and Vlad Casino has perhaps the best offer in this regard.

In short, virtual sports have unique, very attractive and advantageous features: they are always available, 24 hours a day; convenient and flexible due to the short duration of each event; accessible on any platform; varied, with more and more types of bets; in full swing and with an increasing number of players.

It is important to know that the game is powered by artificial intelligence that analyzes the individual characteristics of the participants, including their injuries, endurance, physical parameters, etc. Unlike the result of real events, here the result is determined by the random number generator (RNG).

Virtual betting at Vlad Casino

By choosing the best Romanian casino, Vlad Casino, you have football, basketball, tennis, dog racing and horse racing at your disposal. They are organized in the VIRTUAL BETTING section as follows: Euro Cup (football events between European teams), Champions Cup (matches between top European teams), Football (Premier League virtual games), Basketball (NBA basketball matches), Tennis (virtual tennis matches), Dog racing (6 virtual dogs racing), Horse Racing (12 virtual horses racing adrenaline rides).

Virtual betting at Vlad Casino

Vlad Casino Virtual Betting options are provided by Sportradar AG (“Betradar”). All matches are broadcast live and can be watched via the player in the browser. You can move at any time between the eight matches available per day, or you can only stop at your favorite match.

The simulation of the match results is created through a combination of elements related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a random, independent numerical algorithm. The performances and parameters of the VTI players are corresponding to those of the real players (statistics related to the batting averages, the percentage at the base, etc.). All this makes the games more accessible, easier to understand and more fun. Because you will not spend time analyzing statistics or reading news, you will not be affected by interrupted, postponed or canceled matches. This is the great advantage of virtual sports. And your advantage is to play them at Vlad Casino.

Let’s look at each section and its basic rules. It’s good to know when and how you can bet, how fast you can expect to win, how to really have fun:

Virtual football at Vlad Casino

There are currently several Virtual Football modes available: Virtual Football Championship Module (VFLM), Virtual Football World Cup (VFWC), Virtual Football Nations Cup (VFNC), Virtual Football Asian Cup (VFAS), Virtual Football Champions Cup (VFCC).

Betting on a match is allowed up to 10 seconds before it starts. Bets on the winner of the competition are closed while there are matches in progress. Once an event has been decided, it is removed from the list.

It is clear that football remains the king sport even in virtual gambling. And the special graphics, the way each player of the teams behaves, the action in the game and the atmosphere offered give you moments of true magic.

Virtual basketball at Vlad Casino

Vlad Casino offers you a complete betting experience on virtual basketball, 24/7/365. The virtual basketball league consists of 16 teams, and the seasons take place continuously. Each season consists of 30 stages (home and away matches).

You can place bets at any time, even out of season. Betting on a VBL match is allowed up to 10 seconds before it starts.

Virtual tennis at Vlad Casino

The Virtual Tennis In-Play game offers you a complete betting experience on virtual tennis, 24/7/365. Competitions are generated continuously, and bets can be placed at any time, on points, games, sets and of course, on the match.

At each moment there are four different, unrelated games that take place in parallel. Given that each match is a simulated event, there is a precise determination of their schedule.

Very interested to know, even at the level of general knowledge:

– One point (event cycle) lasts, on average: 35 seconds !!

– A match of 2 sets lasts, on average: ~ 75 minutes / you have 1400 betting possibilities

– A match of 3 sets lasts, on average: 115 min. / you have 2000 betting possibilities

Betting on a match is allowed up to 5 seconds before the service of one of the tennis players.

Virtual horse racing at Vlad Casino

A service that offers players a complete betting experience on virtual horse racing, available 24/7/365. For a long time, horse racing was associated with gambling.  Bets can be placed up to 10 seconds before the start of the race, there is also the possibility to bet on the next scheduled races.

Virtual betting at Vlad Casino

A new race will follow immediately after the current race ends. You can place bets on the next 10 races. Even on a virtual level, the graphic appearances of horses and jockeys have something majestic and refined. One more reason to increase the popularity of horse betting. And in this case, you really do not need to have information about horses, jockeys, their general behavior. It is enough to anticipate correctly and have fun watching the bets placed.

Virtual dog racing at Vlad Casino

A service that offers players a complete betting experience on virtual dog racing, available 24/7/365. You can place bets up to 10 seconds before the start of the race, there is also the possibility to bet on the next scheduled races.

As with horse racing, you get a lot of adrenaline here. Running is very exciting, you tend to encourage your favorite dog and watch with your mouth to the end.

No matter if you like football, basketball, tennis or maybe horse racing, at Vlad Casino you can have fun betting on various virtual sports and enjoy exciting moments, adrenaline, winnings, live and broadcasts. At this vampire-themed casino you will always have a lot of quality fun.

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