Cătălin Moise, Stanleybet: „Technology helps us progress and strategy brings us success”

Tuesday, 19 October 2021

 Stanleybet is the longest-serving brand in the betting industry in Romania. Since the launch of the first street agency in 2004, it has been a major player in the market. To find out how Stanleybet is going through the pandemic and what the group’s operational marketing plans are, we talked to Cătălin Moise, Chief Operating Officer, Stanleybet Online.

Cătălin Moise, Chief Operating Officer, Stanleybet Online

Cătălin Moise, Chief Operating Officer, Stanleybet Online

In order to progress and be com­petitive, you don’t have to be afraid of challenges”, Cătălin Moise told us. Managing Stanleybet’s operations during the pandemic is one of the most difficult challenges. How did Stanleybet adapt to the situation and what measures did the group take?

„In over 15 years I have been active in this wonderful industry, I have gone through many situations with varying degrees of difficulty. But this pan­demic period cannot be compared to anything else, because it has reper­cussions not only at the business level, but also at the social, hu­man level… That is why the shareholders have made efforts to continue the long-term development plans and last but not least, to be able to maintain stability and good morale for every member within the Stanleybet team”.

Technology is the key

Stanleybet operates both in retail and online. Asked how a company can continue to develop in a delicate period, the manager explained: „I’m responsible for both marketing and operations at the same time, and I strongly believe that tech­no­logy can be decisive in making spectacular pro­gress in this industry. And, when I say that, I mean improving services in both agencies and digital obviously, given that the restrictions caused by the pandemic have put us in a position to limit retail activity, we have accelerated development in the digital area, where, as we all know, the sky is the limit”.

Cătălin is convinced that the management has established the right steps by which Stanleybet can return at the top of the betting market in Romania. Asked to reveal a few steps, the manager told us: „We optimize the online platform to meet the highest standards, expand and digitize agencies, provide customers with attractive and reliable mobile applications. We are optimistic that we can effectively implement all the necessary measures, because we have the right people in the team”.

The customer is the most important

How does Stanleybet relate to its customers? „For us, ‚best practice’ means first and foremost customer satisfaction. Every step we take is related to our players. As far as possible and while maintaining safety, we kept in direct contact with customers to gather feedback, but also to be able to make the best decisions based on their preferences.  It is an essential detail”, revealed Cătălin Moise, who continued to detail:

„We have optimized customer support services and we aim to be as compatible with customers as possible in terms of both services and commu­nication. But, at the same time, we do not want to be predictable in the eyes of the players, but to pleasantly surprise them with what we offer and what we transmit. We are in an entertainment industry, and Stanleybet is and will be a brand that has a lot to say, whether we are talking about casino games, sports betting or lotteries”.

In an unstable period, Stanleybet sees oppor­tunities and plays hard in the gambling industry. Cătălin Moise assures us that the Stanleybet brand will be stronger and stronger. For betting, it takes courage and inspiration, and Winston Churchill’s words could inspire us all: „Success is not final, and failure is not fatal. Only the courage to continue matters.”


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