Editorial – Happy Birthday, Casino Inside! A huge 14 years

Wednesday, 20 December 2023

14 years have passed since Casino Inside came into your life and changed it forever. 14 years in which we have made our mark on this industry and changed it from the ground up. We know what the level of representation and communication of the industry was when we started out and we see the level it has reached now and a big part of that change for the better is due to us. We assure you that our journey will not stop here and that we will continue to help the Romanian gaming industry as much as we can. Thank you to our readers, subscribers, advertising clients, partners, our publishers and all those who write in our magazine and present their ideas and perspectives. We assure you that we are not going anywhere and that we will continue to serve the Romanian gaming industry with devotion no matter how troubled times may be.


At Cover Story Vlad Cazino takes a necessary look back at his achievements this year through the filter of his brand values. You will be amazed to see how naturally and naturally this brand has moved to the next level of its business. For these things Vlad Cazino was awarded by Casino Inside magazine on December 7th 2023, during the 9th edition of the Romanian Gaming Celebration – Casino Inside Awards Gala, with the prizes Best Online Casino Operator in 2023 and Best Responsible Gaming Campaign in 2023!

A new company has recently appeared on the gambling industry scene: Betmen! What I found amazing about this brand is that from the very first I liked the brand name and the marketing approach. A youthful approach to communication and with a grip on the active audience, the working audience, who have enough income to afford to have fun in a dynamic social environment and for whom the superhero image characterizes it as a way of life. Find out more about their amazing story in our dedicated article.

Recently, the Association of Non-affiliated Gambling Partners and Organisers has appeared on the firmament of gaming associations, whose main objective is to identify and solve the challenges in the field of gaming, but also to promote industry-specific activities as purely entertaining, to change the collective mindset and to educate towards the integration of gaming services into the entertainment industry, alongside HORECA.

Get’s Bet, one of the largest gambling operators in Romania, recently awarded at the Celebration of Gaming in Romania – Casino Inside 2023 Awards Gala with the prize for “Best traditional (land-based) betting operator in 2023”, returns to the pages of our magazine with a summary dedicated to the latest developments that the company has had in this difficult year 2023, but with an eye to the future where new challenges are certainly waiting for them, which they will certainly face with flying colors in the coming year.

This is Casino Inside – the gambling industry magazine from Romania!

We wish you Happy Holidays and a better 2024!

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