Thursday, 15 June 2023

This edition is one to give you the information you need to swim through the thicket of our wild capitalism, coupled with the legislative chaos that is perfectly characteristic of our field. We have a dynamic gambling industry that is adapting to today’s realities.

On Cover Story we have a premiere interview with Victor Hans Firică, owner of M PLANET, one of the best gambling operators, offering great services to those who cross their threshold. We invite you to browse through it to find out some unpublished information about how this brand started operating on our market, what have been the biggest challenges of this business so far, about the people of M PLANET, or about the atmosphere here and the vision that the company’s management shares to take this brand further towards success.

SUZOHAPP returns to the pages of our magazine with an interview with Tim Kennedy, Vice President of Sales for Europe, who gave us a particularly useful interview for those who need support in the lotteries and sports betting business. SUZOHAPP has made a name for itself by offering products and services dedicated to these two lines of business by providing a fully self-contained and cyclical ecosystem, automating processes from the moment a lottery ticket or bet is purchased through to payment, enabling additional revenue for operators without increasing labour costs.

Further on, we bring to your attention a material of internal consumption and advisable to be read by operators, namely a very interesting interview with Mr Cristian Pascu – executive president of A.O.P.J.N.R. – Association of Gambling Organizers and Producers in Romania, which even if it is longer answers almost all the questions that are currently bothering a gambling operator in Romania. A must read!

INTRODATA I hear is becoming more and more requested and used by gambling operators in our country. Among the monitoring systems existing at this moment in the market, INTRODATA offers at this moment top software solutions for traditional gambling, because from the beginning it has designed truly innovative technologies and applications for the operation of slot machines. The benefits that licensed gaming operators obtain by using the systems created by the company are commensurate, technically the solutions are safe, competitive and up-to-date. I recommend reading their article to see what a future CMS provider really means.

At SPECIAL we have prepared a meeting with one of the best specialists in our country in the area of real estate: Costina Petrescu. The CEO of Titirez.ro – one of the most popular real estate portals in Romania – returns to the pages of our magazine with a very lucid and documented analysis of the Romanian real estate market. We discussed the real estate investment possibilities, the dynamics of real estate prices in Romania compared to the EU, the real estate market trend in our country and many other things that I invite you to read in this article.


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