Doubling at slots: What you should know…

Wednesday, 25 October 2023

Doubling at slots is the option many players seek out and love. Beyond red/black, is doubling up on slots an advantage or an added temptation? Can you build a game strategy around this option or is it something that just gives you fun options? Either way, it’s a risk you can take or not. For that, you need to be informed, to understand, to know what can benefit you and what the choices are.

Doubling at the Slot Machine – The Basics and More

Gamble feature slots are extremely plentiful and with a variety of choices. It would be simplistic to just think “red/black” even though this option is perhaps the most popular. Because it involves two choices, you quickly get the impression that you are choosing, that you are actively participating in the game and even that it is something of a skill, but it is only an impression, behind every game there is pure mathematics.

doubling up on slots

In the image above, the simplicity is remarkable. You know what the win (5.6 RON) you are risking, how much you can get (11.20 RON) and that you have 3 tries. As natural as it is to think 5.6 X 2 = 11.20, then 11.2 X 2 = 22.4 and 22.4 X 2 = 44.8. By choosing inspiredly, apparently, you immediately go from 5.6 to 44.8.

Doubling at the slot has 2 important features:

-It can be used after a certain win.

-Variations are to double the winnings (already obtained) or to lose them. In some cases, you can collect part of the winnings and risk a remaining percentage.

Another presentation of dubbing, with the colours Red and Black highlighted distinctly and the visual emphasis on choice. The last 5 previous cards are also visible, but the trials you have access to are not shown. Two choices, each with a 50% chance of appearing. Even if you know they are randomly generated cards, the visual series on display may influence your choice. Some players go by this, others just choose what they think.

slot machine

One of the simplest graphic variants above from BF Games. I’d say, pretty tricky because you have a choice, but the card on display is red. That can create a cognitive bias, it can confuse you quite easily.

More than just the simple red/black dubbing in the slots

Some manufacturers have introduced other dubbing options, as we know very well. More possibilities, more varied attempts, alternatives, different approaches.

It means you have access to something else, something else, something different. Even if skill and ability aren’t required, you can think about it. There are a lot of players who swear they know the series, they know the next flush. Is there any truth or even a grain of truth here? It’s all just fables! Nobody can beat a computer that generates random numbers and choices. When we realise that, we’ll be more relaxed…

The cards on display are randomly generated, no doubt about it. 5 reds are not necessarily followed by 1 black, just as 9 blacks are not followed by 1 red, following a pattern.

An interesting dubbing interface at CTInteractive slots. With three major options and two variants to choose from. The classic X2 colour dubbing and X4 sign dubbing. The latter involves choosing the sign, the symbol of the playing card: black heart, red heart, diamond or club. At the same time, at the bottom left 1/2 that offers the possibility to collect (or risk) half of the winnings.

In addition, the last 10 cards are displayed, a slightly larger series than usual.

Another nice graphical integration, even if a rather fun mirror effect appears. Even if you only have access to Red/Black, the Dimming symbol (button) appears and a large number of trials (here 9). Each time you take half of the win, you are aware and protect your bank. Also here you can see the use of the game symbols (Armed`N`Wild design card, the game logo, but also the image of the tank and the plane in the hangar).

However, it’s not hard to accept that there are titles (manufacturers) that have done much more. Basically, the dubbing option becomes an integral part of the game. It may be more attractive (or not) but visually it’s easier to accept, especially if you’re used to the graphics, the symbols.

The game board becomes fluid, easy to follow and you don’t feel fragmented.

Bottom line…

Personally, I think Doubling makes some slots more attractive. The games somehow become more diverse by the facility provided. I like to test out doubling, when it comes to smaller wins that don’t affect my bankroll. Otherwise, I think it’s unrealistic to look for a potential big win from a small one, and that should be my game strategy.

However, the expectation of big wins based on chance is the idea that drives the gambling field. But never think you can beat a computer. Stop in time! before frustration takes the place of fun…

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