Diamond Tree – the new generation of Jackpots

Wednesday, 22 June 2022

The latest concept of CT Gaming makes the gaming experience more thrilling

The newest generation of progressive jackpots, Diamond Tree, developed by CT Gaming, is the thrilling new product on offer in Romania.

 Diamond Tree

Diamond Tree



Diamond Tree has an exciting concept with deep and engaging elements, making the gaming experience more compelling and memorable. The 3-level progressive jackpot has a strong Jackpot theme, visuals and sound. With a bonus spin that could award multiple progressives and bonus values, the Diamond Tree appeals to all players.

It is offered with the Diamond King 1 and 2 series of multigame,on the EzModulo 32/32/32 cabinet on the high-end AMD platform, and also on EzModulo 27/27/21 with CT6 platform.

Diamond King is multigame with 50 games. The game pack offers a certain degree of choice for every slot position with an essential volume of classic player favourites and entirely new titles on every machine. It includes all the essential CT Gaming best-sellers plus a fine selection of new titles.

The games offer unique features in a three-level jackpot that the players can win on any bet.

The mathematical depth of the game targets repeating play with multiple bonuses won at a time. The mechanics have a deep and engaging element, making the experience more thrilling and memorable when a single bonus spin could award multiple progressives and bonus values.

How does it work

When entering the bonus mode of the Diamond Tree, a tree covered with diamonds appears on the second screen. It is illuminated by lightning, and the gems begin to fall on a grid on the main screen. Three free spins are given, with one or more diamonds likely to fall on the grid with each spin. When a stone with winnings falls, the free spins are restarted.

On each diamond is written the winnings it brings or the level of the jackpot the player wins. The player can win several prizes at once and several levels or several times the same level of the jackpot. If no new diamonds fall in three consecutive spins, the bonus ends, and the payout of winnings begins.

For all operators, Diamond King creates an easy pathway for players to chart their course for rewards and enjoy the versatility and personalised experience it delivers”, added Mr Stancu.

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