CT Gaming debuts new slot machine in Romania

Wednesday, 20 July 2022

CT Gaming is about to launch its new slot machine in Romania. The Next is a new generation of slot cabinets that combines advanced technology for players and operators with a compelling game package. With cutting-edge design and breathtaking content, Next is the best solution that leads the way to innovation.

“We made the debut of our newest product at ICE 2022, and we are happy that we had powerful positive feedback. The Next slot machine has been the star of our stand along with the new series multigames Diamond King”, commented Robert Stancu, Sales Manager at CT Gaming, Romania.



“We have built on previous successes with a balance of proven and brand-new design and functionalities and, taking advantage of new hardware technologies, delivering more advanced audio-visual packages to meet the players’ evolving demands for engaging gaming entertainment. Our new slot machine is in sync with operators` expectations”, said Robert Stancu.

The newest and most advanced slot machine, Next with the latest multigames, will be available very soon in Romania. It will be offered with the Diamond King series of multigames.


The Diamond King series consists of 50 games and offers a unique experience, combining the emotion of playing 50 games, including 40 of the most preferred titles and brand new ones, along with ten games connected to Diamond Tree Jackpot.



The innovative progressive 3-level Diamond Tree jackpot that could be won on any bet has an exciting concept. Diamond Tree has a strong Jackpot theme, visuals and sound, awarding multiple progressives and bonus values simultaneously. With mechanics that have a deep and engaging element, the jackpot makes the experience more thrilling and memorable. It is an excellent and fascinating combination that will cover all possible preferences.


“Customers can expect a slot machine created to address their specific business needs and cater to their unique demands. We are happy to offer it very soon,” Mr Stancu concluded.


Features of the Next slot machine

  • Two 27” UHD monitors
  • Button panel with built-in i-deck
  • Play deck with gloss finish
  • Enlarged CMS panel
  • Excellent sound
  • Cash register for 1000 banknotes
  • Printer with extension for 600 tickets
  • USB Phone Charger
  • Optional stand and accessories
  • Optional 27” video topper
  • Improved reliability

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