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Friday, 8 March 2024

With the gaming industry being quite dynamic it is usual for companies to experience many changes and challenges. Often the regulations and requirements in the different jurisdictions are updated, so companies like CT Gaming must react quickly and adapt to the new norms.

CT Gaming

“Due to the new technical laws in Romania, we had to take the needed measures and ensure that our clients and distributors can operate without any issues. Thanks to the support of our wonderful team, we were able to acquire the needed certifications for ‘NEXT’, ‘EZ Modulo’ 32/32/32, ‘EZ Modulo’ 27/27/27 and ‘Aurora’ slot cabinets,” commented Robert Stancu, Sales Manager at CT Gaming, Romania.

The new standards require operators to comply with strict regulations regarding the function of their establishments, including requirements related to security, responsible gambling measures, player protection, and anti-money laundering procedures.

For CT Gaming to maintain the leading positions at the Romanian market, it was highly important to act fast in adapting to the new regulations. After making sure that staples multigame packs such as ‘Diamond King’ and ‘Diamond King 2’ are certified, the company wanted to do the same for the slot machines that support these packages.

Now that the certifications for ‘NEXT’ 27/27/27, ‘EZ Modulo’ 32/32/32, ‘EZ Modulo’ 27/27/27 and ‘Aurora’ are fact, the local is working to assure the certification for ‘Diamond King 3’ and ‘NEXT’ 32/32/32. The good news is that the certificate is being processed, so it is expected that soon the hit multigame will respond to the new laws. Until then the players can immerse themselves in the world of CT Gaming with some of the most well know titles from ‘Diamond King’ and ‘Diamond King 2’.

EZ Modulo

The company showcases its innovative products at ICE

At this year’s edition of ICE London, CT Gaming showcased its innovative products, which attracted many potential customers and partners to the booth.

“Along with the positive feedback received during ICE London 2024, our team exceeded the objectives set ahead of the show. We expect excellent outcomes in sales, partnerships, and new business opportunities. The presentation of the upgraded Casino Management System and in the newest slot cabinet “NEXT Premium” 32/32/32 has been a huge part of the success at the expo “, explained Biser Bozhanov, Director of Business Development and Strategy at CT Gaming.

He added that the essential aspects of this year’s exhibition were maintaining the company’s position as a leading land-based manufacturer and distributor, strengthening the relationship with long-term partners, attracting new customers, increasing brand visibility and expanding the market shares.


During the show, there were discussions concerning the company’s near future plans, such reinsuring its positions in the Romanian market after the new regulations and extending the market shares in new territories. The combo of CT Gaming`s most recent multigame, ‘Tower Link’ and the ‘Tower’ slot machine has been a standout at the booth. This combination has been proven to deliver an immersive experience, thanks to the variety of game concepts featured in the multigame pack, enhanced by the visual and sound characteristics of the cabinet.

“At ICE London, we introduced our newest and most recognizable products, and we are pleased to say that they received tremendous feedback. The show resulted in some opportunities for prosperous partnerships that we look forward to exploring and pursuing,” commented Biser Bozhanov.

One of the most trustworthy products, the ‘NEXT’ slot machine, made its debut for its premium version. The slot machine features three 32” UHD displays, improved stand, convenient play deck, a sizable CMS panel, optional i-deck, and a built-in USB port for charging phones. Designed to provide operators with excellent results and outstanding customer experiences, the machine was a true highlight at the stand and created a high demand among current and potential partners.

Furthermore, the newest upgrades in the CMS’s features attracted a lot of attention and became a very debated topic. The newly added functionalities include many bonus surprises, a new interactive bonus wheel for loyal players, and various system tournaments that enable players to win multiple prizes. In addition to the bonus features, the new tracking functions give the operators the possibility of creating statistics and ranking machines based on games. This update contributes to the optimal analysis of the venue’s activities.

This year’s ICE was highlighted by the “Landmark Award”, which CT Gaming received at the expo. The recognition was granted to the company for the 25 years of contribution to the industry. The award marks the end of ICE London and opens a new chapter for both CT Gaming and ICE.

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