Csaba Tanko, CEO Stanleybet: “It’s not a commercial fight. For us, the customer is the main focus”

Monday, 22 November 2021

Csaba Tanko took over as CEO of Stanleybet in the spring of 2019. At the time, he did not imagine that he would have to lead 2,400 employees in a time of global crisis caused by the pandemic.

Csaba Tanko

We visited him at his office to discuss the current situation of the company, future plans and the vision of the successful business group in the casino and sports betting industry.

“There is no predictability of what will happen and because of this we are in a position to ensure the stability of the activity, first of all. It is important for us to keep our employees motivated in these conditions in which new restrictions appear every day “, says the manager.

The noise created by work on a nearby office building somehow accompanies the concerns caused by the current climate. But Csaba remains optimistic, especially since, at the group level, the necessary measures were taken in time to strengthen and develop the business.

For example, Stanleybet recently attracted 4 million euros from the capital market, money that will be used to support the company’s development. The brand with the longest tradition on the Romanian betting market modernizes its online platform, provides customers with applications for an improved experience and digitizes agencies, the aim being to offer players modern and quality services, whether they choose to play online or in agencies.

“In our strategy, we never try to explode, because explosions are uncontrollable and lead to the loss of organizational values and culture”. Csaba Tanko, CEO Stanleybet.


The employee-customer symbiosis

The words ‘customer’ and ’employee’ appear very often in Stanleybet’s manager’s speech.

“I, as a manager, I believe that it is not the competition that should be pursued in the first place, but the relationship with the client. He is the main focus. What actually happens in the activity with the client is not fully identified with certain corporate keys. The way the customer perceives Stanleybet is 80% represented by the employee with whom he interacts. That’s why we created Stanleybet Academy, where new employees are trained for a few weeks before they actually start working,” explains Csaba, who previously worked for a pharma company and created business plans for players in various fields, such as automotive, HoReCa and production.

The manager is delighted with the industry in which he now operates: “This gambling dynamic attracted me”. However, it is disappointed that operators in this field are not supported at all by the authorities and financial-banking institutions: “Gambling companies are discredited, even if they are audited, they are developed from all points of view. Unfortunately, this situation sometimes affects our employees in relation to these institutions. There are issues that should be addressed in the short term, but there is not yet the necessary openness to the gambling industry”.


What does competition mean?

Csaba Tanko is not obsessed with the idea of following the competitors in the industry: “Competition for us could also mean a shopping platform, not necessarily just the gambling ones. Why do I say that? If that platform manages to offer you the products you need with just 3 clicks, our gambling services must be just as simple and efficient”.

Again, manager Stanleybet shifts the focus to the client: “I believe that all customers are looking for a brand to resonate with, to give them the desired experience. I don’t think they want to constantly migrate from one brand to another. I don’t think it’s a trade competition: to have the lowest prices, to have a dumping policy… The most important elements for customers are safety, quality and the most pleasant experience “.

We have reached the end of the dialogue with Csaba, and the nearby builders are still working hard. “Companies in the gambling industry grew a little later at the corporate level than companies in other fields,” says the CEO, whose mission is to take a popular Romanian brand to the next level.

Even affected by the pandemic, the gambling industry is evolving rapidly. The discussion with Csaba Tanko strengthened our idea that regardless of the changes in the market, gambling enthusiasts will be able to enjoy better and better conditions and experiences.


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