The most expensive pool tables in the world

Wednesday, 4 August 2021

I think the most expensive pool tables in the world are an area of interest for many people, given that this ball sport has become very popular all over the world. It is a form of fun for the whole family that can be played at home, many people now having the necessary space and money to buy such a table. For them and for all pool lovers, we have compiled a Top 3 with the most expensive billiard tables in the world.

Queen Victoria Jubilee Pool Table, $ 1.5 million

Queen Victoria Jubilee Pool Table

The billiard pool table describes the history of Queen Victoria’s reign who was the Queen of England for 63 years. Queen Victoria’s Jubilee Billiard Pool Table is the most luxurious and historical billiard pool tables. What makes its design unique and attractive is its classicism.

Bought from the 1887 Exhibition by Hamar Bass and sold again at auction in 1927, the billiard table is beautifully carved in high relief with references to the industrial growth and cultural variety encompassed by the 63 years of Queen Victoria’s reign.

The cushions are decorated with ribbons of quotations from Shakespeare and Tennyson, while above each leg are portrait figures of William of Normandy, Henry I, Henry II, John, Henry III, Edward I, Edward II, Edward III, Edward IV, Elizabeth of York, James I and Charles I.

Of course, this pool table has a high price because it is a historical object and because it is made of expensive materials: the wood and the cloth used being of the best quality. This pool table is not a museum piece, but can still be used and provides players with the enthusiasm needed for a pool game.

Obscura CueLight pool table, $ 200,000

Obscura CueLight pool table

Probably the most spectacular pool table in the world in our opinion, this modernist work of art is valued at $ 200,000. Obscura CueLight Pool Table puts an animated spotlight on pool playing. Created by the San Francisco-based light effects company Obscura Digital, the pool table features the Obscura Cuelight System which lets owners display varying images onto the poll table cloth.

The system also includes a set of sensors that track the movements of the billiard balls on the table and surrounds them with special animation effects as they roll around or sit. The billiard balls are surrounded by water that reveals a hidden image underneath, but the animation can also be changed to show flames around the balls. The table is currently located in the Esquire Ultimate Bachelor Pad.

Teckell pool table, $ 40,000

mese de biliard

A pool table that stands out for its contemporary look and modern materials used is the one from Teckell and costs $ 40,000. If playing pool is your favorite pastime, here’s something you might be interested in. Made by the best Italian designer of pool tables, Teckell, he unveiled last year a mega-luxurious pool table that costs quite a lot: $ 40,000!

It is part of the brand’s Biliardo collection. It is created using computer numerical control (CNC) machines and has 15 mm glass panels for refracting light and a solid oak base that is leveled with 12 screws. Under the stretched cloth surface of the table is a polyurethane layer which helps sound proof the table.

The pockets of the table are made of a flexible polyurethane which allows them to expand as balls drop in and then return to their original shape once emptied. Big spenders can personalize their table with a top frame made with walnut, hand-sewn leather, chrome or gold and can choose from 25 colors of wool cloth for the table surface.

In addition, this table has four cues, a game triangle, a Super Aramith Pro ball set and a pool cue chalk set and another interesting thing about this pool table is that it has crystal legs.


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