Casino Inside may be the right project for media representation of the gambling industry

Tuesday, 10 October 2023

For several years we have been telling the representatives of the Romanian gambling industry that we, Casino Inside, can be the right project for the media representation of the gambling industry among the public opinion.


  1. Because we are an independent private project.
  2. Because we are balanced and honest.
  3. Because we are loyal. We have always stood by the gambling industry in Romania, the other media providers were just profiteers, at the first sign they told the whole world that the “slot mafia” was punching the freedom of the press in the mouth…or presented the field as a dark one “that destroys people’s lives”.
  4. Because we’re involved.
  5. Because we care about the field. We know it and recognize its potential.

Visibility at all costs is a double-edged sword. Now in the press where you have thrown millions and millions of euros all they talk about is the “slot mafia” and the “betting mafia”. You wanted to address the masses through generalist channels, but you ignored the danger that when you address through non-specific, mass-market channels, the message reaches the homes of many people, who are of different education, of different ages, with different preconceptions and prejudices, with different levels of culture or even none at all, some with low incomes and hoping for an overnight enrichment, a dream that cannot be fulfilled by our field, because we (must) offer entertainment, not a get-rich-quick alternative…

The industry has been attacked, those to whom you have given huge sums of money for promotion take your money with one hand and the rest, during the shows they host, let the guests walk all over you pointing fingers at you like criminals.

The money paid on huge street mashes, TV and internet ads has created an image of opulence in people’s minds. Seeing these images everywhere has created a sense of ubiquity, of saturation, and instead of remaining a niche field, as we claim to be, we have cleaved to the entire population of the country. And this is something that has been proven wrong. I’ve been watching people’s reactions to social media very closely, and I’ve noticed that the ubiquitous presence on all channels of media visibility, from planes carrying banners on the seashore, to presence on beaches, to ski slopes, to famous entertainment shows of all kinds, has lit the fuse of almost widespread hysteria in every individual in this country. Everyone wonders why we’re doing this…where do we get the money for it? Do a separation exercise for a few moments and think that by tomorrow you are working in another field and have another business or another job that is no longer gambling related and try to take a break from us and you will see that you can’t, because we are all over the place.

That’s why I think the education we keep talking about has to start with us in the field and start thinking differently. Our industry in the past wanted discretion, now things seem to have gone beyond any level of visibility and we are victims of our own celebrity.

An honest, balanced and independent niche media project is far more valuable now than you can imagine. And besides in almost 14 years of existence this project has proven its viability and responsibility and I think it deserves more of your attention.

by Insider

Author: Editor

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