Casino Inside has reached 2000 followers on Linkedin!

Friday, 13 January 2023

Staggering growth in audience figures across the board

Casino Inside magazine climbs the notoriety ladder step by step! As of today our magazine’s Linkedin page has 2000 followers! It all happened in a short time and it’s mostly due to the valuable content dedicated to the gambling industry found here. But the topics covered by Casino Inside are diverse and cover general areas of interest such as sports, lifestyle, hobby, entertainment and luxury products, but also approaches in the economic, political, legislative, cultural or social area.

Thirteen years after its founding, Casino Inside immediately became the first and has remained the leading source of gambling news. With the benefit of English-language texts, our magazine has also demonstrated worldwide that it can be an important source of news and content for Europe and the United States. Statistical figures show that our website is read by about 50% across the ocean, in the UK, Poland, Germany, Italy and Hungary.

In the last year our Linkedin page gained 935 new followers, had 124,793 impressions, 3441 page views, 6401 post interactions, 2723 (852% higher) post reactions, 3294 reposts (746% higher) and 500 posts. Staggering growth in audience figures across the board.

Keep following Casino Inside’s Linkedin page. It’s worth it!


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