Casino Inside 2022 events, an extraordinary success!

Saturday, 10 December 2022

Thursday, December 8, Casino Inside! The 3 halls dedicated to the organization of the events were packed for the crowd of participants who wanted to take part in the most important events dedicated to the Romanian gambling industry.

The Casino Inside 2022 events were an extraordinary success! Record attendance!

The Gambling Professionals Meeting honored its 10th anniversary edition with more than 120 participants from all over the country! Authorities, countless operators, gaming machine manufacturers and various service providers, together with representatives of professional and employer associations in the field, lawyers, representatives of various PR companies and so on participated and contributed to the resounding success of this edition.

Many companies in the industry understood the importance of the moment we are in and preferred to come to be able to discuss with the ONJN representatives or industry members to find solutions to the existing problems, but also to discuss the dangers we are facing in 2023.

The discussions were electrifying and productive and clarified many aspects of the issues under discussion. Participants asked questions, presented their views and asked for clarifications. We don’t know how quickly the time and so many hours of the event went by… the dialogue, presentations and working atmosphere was present throughout the event.


Thanks to all our speakers: Mihăiță Ruiu, Gabriel Biriș, Ana-Maria Baciu, Cosmina Simion, Doru Gheorghiu, Cristian Pascu, Sorin Georgescu, Adrian Șandru and Claudiu Enache.

Thank you to the speakers who made presentations to our partners: Alexandru Rîlea, Robert Stancu, Oana Sebe, Václav Klepáček and Laura Boșneag.

Thanks to the moderator of the event: Professor Dr. Av. Marius Pantea.

Profesor Dr. Av. Marius Pantea

Profesor Dr. Av. Marius Pantea

RPG 10 was an extraordinary success and proof that the Romanian gambling industry can stand together.


The 8th Romanian Gaming Celebration was the biggest party dedicated to the Romanian gaming industry! It took the space of 3 halls to accommodate over 100 participants who came to participate in a great show prepared by Casino Inside to celebrate the achievements of this very dynamic and challenging year. 29 awards were presented to the best people and companies in our industry who performed in 2022.

We had the best MC in Romania, Andrei Nourescu!

Dalma Kovacs took care of the music! The famous singer delighted us with live music in the show “Dalma Unplugged” where, accompanied only by a guitarist, she led us on a superb musical journey.

The Happy Dance band provided two wonderful dance moments: Burlesque and Cabaret.

And the caricature artist Avram Iancu delighted the audience members with his funny caricatures, for which people queued…

Thanks to our partners:

Main Partners

Association of Remote Gambling Organisers (AOJND) , SYNOT, CT GAMING, SUPERBET, IGT and MERKUR GAMING




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