BONUS QOSMO between amazement and admiration

Friday, 22 April 2022

We have extended a new invitation to the BONUS team to share with Casino Inside readers special things about their new casino floor, opened right in the center of the country in one of the most beautiful cities, Braşov. We wanted to find out from the team here how the launch of this new location was received by the players, what are the ambiance, facilities and people, how can you have fun here, what events are being prepared or what promotional campaigns are going to take place for the players of this great location.


How the players received the launch of this new location

Bonus Qosmo has opened its doors since January. Since then, every single day the Bonus team is happy to see the reactions of the people when they step on the threshold of this new location. The greatest satisfaction for them comes from the fact that they have managed and still manage to get amazement and admiration from custo­mers, collaborators and partners, especially when they are visited for the first time. They are surprised too that, although some time has passed since the first day of operation, the enthusiasm and curiosity about the Bonus Qosmo is still preserved.

Bonus Qosmo

Bonus Qosmo is the largest gambling location in Transylvania

Bonus Qosmo is the largest gambling hall in Transylvania because it manages to uniquely combine an imposing posture but also the warmth and comfort that we all look for so much on every occasion. The design manages to harmoniously combine modern elegance with comfort on an area of 1,000 m2. It is a location where the team here wanted to focus on an airy space that offers the possibility to become private when someone wants. They designed play areas that offer different feelings and sensations depending on the mood. The star of the location and the meeting place for socializing is the bar located right in the center of the location which is completed by the restaurant area.


Bonus Qosmo, a unique fun location

„Today we are all happy that we have entered a quieter period compared to what we have experienced in recent months in terms of restrictions and we are preparing for the start of our promotional campaign, GO WILD, which will bring in the foreground a complete mix of awards, events and reasons for our customers” said the Bonus representatives. Probably the biggest and most inte­resting event in the gambling market in Brașov in 2022 will be the launch party they are preparing at the beginning of May, but for more details you are invited to follow them on their official communication channels. The mix of games used is also com­plete and brings together the customers cross their threshold, emblematic devices that have made history in the market, but also new cabinets with enormous potential.


The Bonus Qosmo team – young and full of enthusiasm

There is a young and enthusiastic team of emplo­yees here who have gained experience in other locations in the Bonus network. “A team that merged very quickly around this new project and managed to form an important core for the men­tality that we aim to implement at Bonus Qosmo. We want to offer all our employees a fair, com­fortable environment that will challenge them to develop professionally because the human quality and the way we manage to interact with custo­mers are emblematic values in the company’s history”, says the company’s management.


The Bonus Qosmo is the biggest challenge to date of the BONUS team 

For the Bonus team, it can be said, without a doubt, that Bonus Qosmo is the biggest challenge so far, at least in terms of the complexity to which one of the most difficult and uncertain periods has been added. Certainly the most important thing that gives them the opportunity to find solutions when things get complicated is the experience they have gained as a team to date in every project in which they have engaged. „We are convinced that this project allows us all to develop as individuals, but also together, and this can only make us happy and make us feel more prepared for the next projects,” said the team here.


The next step in Bonus development

The first step towards which Bonus directs all its attention in the short and medium term is the resumption of activity in the new market con­di­tions. “We want to focus our resources especially on completing the customer experience in a more pleasant and relaxed environment without the restrictions we have imposed for so long, but that doesn’t mean that we are not preparing other surprises that we will reveal at the right time“, the Bonus representatives assure us.

The company’s future development plans remain viable and are closely following the expansion of the network at the right time and place.

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