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How to choose your best bets – tips for beginner punters

Many times I thought about what I would do the same and what I would change if I started betting. If I were thinking of betting on with at least some of the experience gained over time. And that’s because there are no sure ways to win at sports betting, there are no strategies to guarantee your profit. You should also know that there are no recipes to make you richer and no secret predictions, just as there are no 100% safe bets. However, there are bets with guaranteed winnings and they have nothing in common with “100% safe bets”.

Sports betting is considered to be part of the gambling category. The legislation includes sports betting on gambling, this fact cannot be disputed. Even if there are many opinions that claim that sports betting is a special category and does not depend entirely on chance, the truth is that gambling plays an important role. The influence of unforeseen events is very large and greatly changes any prediction or analysis made.


Tips for beginner punters

It may seem simple to choose a few matches, combine them and make one or more tickets. A quick win can lead you to the idea that another will follow. You are already starting to make plans and think about how much you would like to win. Unfortunately, this variant is far from the truth. You will notice how easy it can be to “get a match”, how easy it is to miss winnings and how much you will want to recover “losses”. Bigger or smaller, they pile up and can become frustrating for you.

But there are some principles that can help you when you are a beginner! You will encounter some of them quickly and you will be tempted to go over them too quickly or ignore them. It would be better not to do it and to understand that many tips and ideas are based on the experience of some players who were also at the beginning.

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Bet as much as you can afford to lose and have fun at the same time. This means that you have to be careful, calculated, have a budget for games and enjoy the experience. One of the classic betting strategies says that your stake should not be higher than 10% of the game budget. Whether it’s 2% per bet, 5% or 10%, the game method shows organization and helps you avoid bigger losses. At the same time, you will try to choose the most suitable bets. You got the idea.

Discipline, patience and analysis are more important than you think at first. Discipline is among a punter’s best allies. Lack of discipline is an infernal enemy. Chaotic, limitless and indiscriminate play leads to serious mistakes that can affect you dramatically. Patience means understanding that you don’t have to bet every day, not even on any match that seems to have odds. Patience means accepting the losses that occur and not rushing to recover them. You would only make another big mistake. The analysis refers to finding information to take advantage of. For example, a referee’s inclination to drive the game strictly may lead to a higher number of yellow cards. A certain type of turf can favor shots on the goal, and so on.

Betting strategies play a huge role and make a long-term difference. Any betting strategy helps you to respect some principles, to be guided by certain methods and game practice. The key role of a strategy is to help you avoid losses and protect your gaming budget. This way, you can bet more, you can find more bets, you can get through difficult times. It is absurd to believe that the Martingale or D’Alembert system can provide you with earnings, whatever happens. Don’t be fooled by misleading marketing slogans or slogans.

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How to choose your best bets

In order to choose the best bets, you need to answer a few questions. And also to understand how the choices you make affect your results and how suitable they can be for you.

Are my bets valuable? Are the choices I make the most appropriate? Is it worth betting the chosen odds? What do I do if my bet is a winner? What do I do if my bet is not a winner? Am I ready to win? Am I ready to lose? How can I get better? Here are just a few questions you can think of.

There are betting strategies that you can apply and that can help you. Each game strategy has certain principles that take into account mathematical formulas, game budget, inclination to or risk aversion. The theoretical explanations are very attractive but the practical reality is different. No game strategy guarantees you a real profit. No technique works only on a theoretical basis. That means you have to read, get informed and then apply. Never copy a model that may seem like a winner.

The small or even very small odds are the ones that seem the best to play. But is a rate of @1.08 really valuable to you? Are you willing to risk 100 RON to win 8 RON? Can you find 10 consecutive winning bets on odds @1.08? How long do you recover such a stake?

Higher odds can be confusing and can lead to a feeling of insecurity. The first impression, the fact that @2.00, @3.00 are odds that can double or triple your stake, can make you hesitate. It seems more “safe” to take five or seven lower odds and make a odds @2.00 or @3.00. But, the higher the number of events, the more unforeseen your chances are. The sporting events are independent, which means that if Borusia Dortmund wins, it is not necessary for RB Leipzig to win in the same stage. Even if there are 2 teams that have the same objectives and are fighting for the same place in the standings, the victory of one does not imply the victory of the other.

Here’s a good enough reason to avoid “must win”. Your desire can be a simple cognitive error that can cost you or prevent you from winning.

Many experienced punters talk about specializing in certain football championships or certain sports such as tennis or handball, etc. The truth is that you can’t accumulate all the information about a match or a tournament/competition on your own. The specialization makes you follow certain teams, certain athletes, to follow their behavior, inclinations, game models. It is beneficial to know how many injured a team has, what competitive program it has, how it is appreciated at home / away, etc. There are statistics, information that helps you make decisions in a shorter time and gives you real support. Even so, when you balance the time used to inform yourself with the stake you use, you have to take advantage. Is it worth analyzing a match for 20 minutes, choosing 2 bets and betting 2 RON each?

Whatever betting strategies you adopt, whatever stake you use, don’t forget that your health and time are more important. To bet means, first of all, to have fun. When you don’t feel like having fun anymore, what’s the point of the game?

You have to enjoy every bet, whether it is a loser or a winner. Always see what you can improve, acknowledge your mistakes and reduce their impact as much as possible.

Have fun! Bet responsible!

by Mircea Panait


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