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Thursday, 21 December 2023

A new company has recently appeared on the gambling industry scene: Betmen! What I found amazing about this brand is that from the very first I liked the brand name and the marketing approach. A youthful approach to communication and with a grip on the active audience, the working audience, who have enough income to afford to have fun in a dynamic social environment and for whom the superhero image characterizes it as a way of life.


Betmen – a new company with a new spirit

“It is well known that there were differences of opinion among the investors of the previous brand, especially regarding its future direction and evolution. These disagreements about the brand’s course highlighted the need for a new approach and a separation in order to focus on developing a strong and consistent brand,” Betmen representatives succinctly and to the point characterized why this brand came into our lives.

Therefore, they felt it essential to embrace a new direction to avoid these negative influences and gain full control over the development of their brand. This separation gives them the freedom and flexibility to build and manage the Betmen brand in an authentic way, without the constraints and limitations imposed by the previous environment. This enables them to create a new story, define a fresh brand identity and develop a strategy that truly reflects Betmen’s values and vision.

How did the name Betmen come about? How did the idea occur?

“Throughout our business, creativity has always been our strength, so we felt our name should reflect that. Throughout the process of choosing a name, we had several options, but when the idea for this name came up, we knew immediately that it was perfect for us,” the Betmen team explained.

The story has a special charm: “The very idea for the name came from one of our colleagues, who is a manager in the bookie department. He is known for his creativity and the fact that he often comes up with bold ideas, including our betting range. Although many were sceptical about the name at first, we trusted that it was a perfect fit as we have always been looking to innovate and bring something different to what we do.”

“We chose the name “Betmen” because it fits our values and vision. The heroism it represents doesn’t come from superpowers, but from creative ideas and determination, as shown by our teammates. This name inspires and motivates us, underlining the authenticity of our brand”, the brand creators concluded.

Such a vast territorial development in a very short time

For them, team decision-making is a key principle, and when all members of a team align to achieve a common goal, the potential becomes unlimited. Although they have only recently started up, they have invested a lot of hard work and passion, which has enabled them to make remarkable progress in a relatively short time.

Looking to the future, they aim to expand their presence nationwide and attract as many clients as possible from all over the country, with the goal of reaching over 1000 agencies! Impressive! Colleagues at Betmen told us that they are confident about the brand’s evolution and regardless of any obstacles that may come their way they are determined to reinvent themselves and maintain their steadfast dedication.


Good people are hard to find…but not at Betmen

I’ve noticed that a large part of the team at Betmen are people with experience in the field, despite of being young. How did you manage to gather them so quickly around the brand, I asked…

Here’s what they told us: “When we decided to part ways with the previous brand, it was remarkable that many of the employees chose to stay with us and be part of this new phase, which is great and confirms that we made wise decisions. This trust has brought talented professionals to our team, contributing to an outstanding team. Today, our collaboration focuses on recognising and appreciating the contributions of each team member, giving them the environment and freedom to express their ideas and talents. Family atmosphere and unity have been key to our rapid growth and prosperity. Therefore, with a clear vision and a friendly environment, we have been able to attract a talented and dedicated team that has contributed significantly to the success of the Betmen brand.”

Betmen, a superhero for the benefit of players

Naturally, we wanted to hear from Betmen’s exponents how the birth of this new brand will change players’ lives. “By carefully examining our previous experience, we realised that there were certain shortcomings that we could not easily correct,” they pointed out. And continuing the idea: “However, now, in a new beginning, we are determined to address these challenges, remedy them and get off on the right track,” they concluded.

Betmen wants every customer who comes into contact with them to experience complete satisfaction in the quality of their service, aspiring to make every interaction a memorable and unforgettable one.

They work assiduously to prepare a series of surprises and special products with great care, considering every important detail so as to avoid repeating past mistakes. “This meticulous and careful approach ensures that we deliver truly special products and experiences,” they say.

Betmen’s betting portfolio strengths

The strengths of Betmen’s betting portfolio are highlighted by the rich variety of services offered and their firm commitment to customer satisfaction. “We are proud to offer a wide range of betting opportunities, covering a diversity of sports and events so that our customers enjoy an exciting experience. We differentiate ourselves by focusing on the needs of our customers, providing intuitive ways to bet,” the Betmen team assures us.

What they bring to the betting market is their revolutionary approach and dedication to excellence. They focus on customer satisfaction and constantly seek to exceed expectations by providing the highest quality sports products. They aim to build strong relationships with their customers and bring new dimensions to the punters’ world.

Everything you need to know about the Betmen franchise

“Effective collaboration with our partners is a top priority for us,” Betmen’s managers point out from the outset of this important element of their business.

In essence, the Betmen franchise is based on the principles of flexibility, effective communication and openness to tailor agreements to the needs of each partner. The franchise program has a strong focus on providing a high-quality betting product and consistently supports slot machines operators to develop lasting and fair working relationships.

It is essential to emphasize that Betmen does not want to interfere in their partners’ slot product, but come to their support by offering them the best betting solution available on the market. This gives their partners complete freedom in developing their business, and they bring their knowledge and experience to help them grow.

“We are ready to support our partners and ensure a mutually successful collaboration. Briefly, we offer our expertise and knowledgeable management, helping them to achieve their goals. If there are specific questions or details that a potential partner would like to explore in depth, we encourage them to contact us and our dedicated team will provide all the information needed in the process. We currently have a lot of franchise applications, and we do our best to accommodate everyone.” the team at Betmen concludes.

Betmen’s betting & casino platform is almost ready

“Of course, we are currently in the process of developing our online platform, and although we don’t have an exact launch date yet, we can assure you that we are fast approaching the time when we will present this platform to you. With every step we take, we are getting closer and closer to bringing you an innovative and unforgettable online experience as well,” Betmen points out.

What are Betmen’s plans for the future?

They know what they want to do. Everything is clear and planned. “We look confidently to the future, with aspirations of becoming market leaders one day. We have full confidence in our brand potential and are firmly convinced that we can achieve significant growth in a relatively short time. Before we reach this ambitious goal, we aim to outperform our previous brand, and we are confident that this will not take long. We strive to strengthen our position in the market and expand our sphere of influence on our way to excellence. We are preparing a lot of exciting things and unique products in the market.”, Betmen team assures us.

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