“Bet Builder”, “Play Maker”, “Create Bet” – an advanced betting option or just a marketing gimmick?

Friday, 27 October 2023

Is Bet Builder the option you really need when betting or just a complex (compound) betting option promoted by operators? “Bet Builder”, “Play Maker”, “Create Bet”, an option you can find at several operators. The idea is the same: multiple bets on the same sporting event combined into a single bet. A final odds, a bet composed of several.

Bet Builder

Same event = more bets, more chances of winning

“Bet Builder”, “Play Maker”, “Create Bet” – a more complex bet

A Liga 1 game in Romania between Sepsi and UTA Arad, with the hosts favorites and some odds of over 2.5 goals. Sepsi’s odds were listed at @1.90, suffering steady declines throughout the day. So, “win & over 2.5 goals” was shown to be a bet at reasonable odds of @2.90.

Odds for 1 (Sepsi win): @1.70, odds for over 2.5 goals @2.08. Basically, events that cannot be combined at the odds offered for single bets. A simple mathematical exercise shows that I could have had odds of @1.70*@2.08, i.e. @3.536, much higher than the received odds of @2.90.

Extending the odds to over @2.5 goals is over unity, 2.08. The increase with the victory of the hosts is quite attractive but with some risks. I’m expecting a 2-1, 3-0, 3-1, 3-2, 4-1, 4-2 match? I don’t want to exaggerate with other assumed correct scores of 1&over 2.5 goals.

At the same time, the combination of 1&over 2.5 goals (or 1&3+) has become common. I could hardly find a bookmaker who didn’t offer me 1&3+ as a regular bet. What reason do I have to create my own bet? The odds’ value, of course. Because 1&over 2.5 is in the current offer at @2.82: – the picture is suggestive –

I become a Play Maker of odds trying to juggle a few percentages. However, I prefer @2.90 to @2.82 when it comes to the same bet.

Moving on to another operator, “Create Bet” leads me straight to odds @2.75. Significantly lower, the difference from @2.90 to @2.75 not at all attractive to me. At least here both the Create Bet option and the bet listed at 1&over 2.5 have the same odds. I don’t bother looking for advantages for myself anymore. The only difference, on the ticket, is visual. On the created bet the options are displayed vertically and on the listed bet they are displayed horizontally.


Another attempt at another bookmaker, same match, same bet. Of course, the focus is on the visual, on the fact that I’m building (or so I think) my own bet.

Because it’s easy, it’s up to anyone to combine the options on offer in search of the best odds. Final quote obtained? @2.80 by BB (Bet Builder) on Sepsi win and over 2.5 goals.

Advantages of “Bet Builder”, “Play Maker”, “Create Bet”

These small differences in odds are magnified when it comes to combining 2, 3 or even 4 bets from the same match. Because operators rely on listed odds and apply new margins to the bets offered for combinations on the same match. What would be my advantages? I can say that:

– I have all my bets in one place, I can easily combine them without searching the menu

– I can get better odds when I focus on a single match. After analyzing a game with an estimated scenario, I can quickly secure decent odds.

– I.e. I combine bets and derivatives, I get easier odds, I have a bet that can also be used on other tickets.

Disadvantages and limitations of combined betting

The number of choices increases, uncertainty increases and the chance of success decreases proportionately.

With a created bet, conditions may arise that implicitly affect the success of the chosen combination. The best example is a win + goals + corners + cards bet. In this case, a 2-0 score in the first half can demobilize a team and the number of corners and/or cards can be far from the expected number.

The final quote obtained will always be marked by questions about its real value and, more importantly, where a better one can be found.

3 conclusions

  1. Betbuilder is an option that can be useful on many occasions, but over-promoting it is unpleasant and it doesn’t seem at all natural for me to be pushed into taking extra risks. The interplay of events (within a match) is very difficult to judge even for experienced punters. For example, there are countless cases where, after a red card, they don’t score. But the reverse is also true.
  2. When there are not enough attractive events, Betbuilder can offer betting options. That doesn’t mean I have to bet willy-nilly and indiscriminately. On the contrary!
  3. Under the current conditions, Betbuilder does not offer me sufficient guarantees for a certain predictability of odds. And the time spent to create my 3-event ticket is more than I want in a stake/time/effectiveness ratio.


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