Best betting strategies for Euro 2024

Wednesday, 12 June 2024

The best Euro 2024 betting strategies are the ones you know that can make you a profit. Due to the profile of the competition there are some betting strategies and techniques that entail clear advantages.

2-3 bet tickets, bet-builder, easy-money, Martingale or even betting on the group or tournament winner or goal scorers. Whichever betting strategy you choose, you will need to be very familiar with its peculiarities, keep yourself constantly informed and adapt. At the same time, it is important to enjoy the football competition, have fun watching the matches and look for the best bets.

Tickets with 2-3 bets at odds @2.00 or higher

Thanks to the competition schedule, you can choose more bets on the matches that will be played every day. It requires study, information and offers multiple winning possibilities. It can be applied both pre-match and live, the only thing is to know and anticipate the evolution of the odds. And in a final (European) tournament, each team will try to get points, often at the expense of goals.

Even if there are big differences between the teams present, you will also have to take into account: – the evolution (state of fatigue) of the players coming from the major European championships, – the determination with which some players play for their country’s representative team, – the value of the squad, – the support of the supporters but also a lot of other factors that can influence the scenario of a match.


Requires a certain ‘specialization’ and attention to detail. You focus on a match and look for the best odds by combining goals, corners, cards and other listed events. That way, you treat each match as a sum of events.

In this case, there are risks in interpreting the players’ and teams’ performances and the correlations that may or may not be made. A team may win the match and have fewer corners and/or more yellow cards than the opponent. Extended possession does not necessarily mean more shots on goal.

The only certainties are:

  • A team will always be happy with the score on the scoreboard.
  • A scored goal always changes the odds listed.


Easy money

A strategy that requires a small budget but a lot of patience, attention and self-control. Because goals can be high or inadequate when you set your expectations too high. It’s not easy but it’s not impossible either to start with 10 lei and bet repeatedly until making 100 lei or 200 lei. When you reach a set target, it’s good to know what you have to do next and to think that you (maybe) have achieved odds of @15.00 or @20.00 and to be aware of the profit.

It is the strategy that allows you to enjoy the matches the most and gives you quick rewards. Even if there are no big wins, the real chances of making a profit are high.

Easy money

Martingale – bet type and odds

A challenging approach might be to bet PsF X or X or even X break/X final, doubling the stake when you don’t win.

The most dangerous gambling strategy involves high risks due to losses that can evolve quickly. 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, 360…not to continue. At the same time, Martingale gives you great rewards, quick payback of previous bets and carousel thrills. You have to have strong nerves, accept losses quickly and withdraw wins when you realize them.


You can choose 2, 3, 5 teams to bet on:

50 Lei PsF X – if you don’t win, you increase the stake by 150% or more

10 lei X on each match – if you don’t win, you increase the stake by 100%

5 lei X/X on each match – if you don’t win, you increase the stake by 50%.

The above is just an example that can be inspiring and applied in practice depending on your available budget for Euro 2024.

betting strategies for Euro 2024

Group winner, tournament winner or goal scorers

Basically, this way of betting can be approached easily also against. That is, betting that Romania won’t win the group, that Italy won’t take the trophy or that Harry Kane won’t be the competition’s top scorer. You can also bet against certain teams or players, the key condition being that you don’t tie up too much money. Looking for the best odds to bet against and estimating the risks are the most important factors in this strategy.

Sports betting involves risk, reward, fun and responsibility. At the same time, sports betting is a way to prove your sports knowledge, enjoy (more) matches, show and spending time with friends. It’s okay to pay for fun but don’t abuse it by paying what you don’t make!

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