Are slot machines Romania’s real problem?

Friday, 10 November 2023

by Insider

Looks like Romania’s only problem in 2023 is slot machines! So the politicians have decided. For some, it’s even the main campaign issue. Nothing else is important for the Romanians who will be called to vote next year. There are 2 million active drug users, but the gambling machines must be closed, almost 66% of those stopped in traffic for routine checks by the Romanian police are found drugged at the wheel, but gambling machines are Romania’s problem… The 2 May case is no longer important, even if a drugged driver killed some young people with his car,…it’s the slot machines, they are Romania’s problem…
We have two wars in our vicinity, the Russian danger is near, anti-Semitism is rising to alarming heights in Europe, some world leaders see a possible war “between the cross and the crescent”, we may be preparing for WW3…but the jokes are the country’s problem in the view of the country’s leaders.
We have a budget deficit of 3.56% of GDP and that’s only until the end of September, i.e. 56.96 billion lei and a public debt of almost 800 billion lei (source:, but jokes are the Prime Minister’s problem.

The Ciolacu government’s austerity ordinance will take away a good part of the profit we used to work for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week (entrepreneurs don’t take holidays or weekends off! ) and will throw it into the black hole of the state budget, money thrown down the drain to pay special pensions and huge salaries to state employees, to pay interest on international loans, or to cover the colossal losses of state-owned companies (but full of employees who vote for whoever they have to) that produce nothing but losses,…but it’s the crooks who are to blame, they are the scourge of society, dom’le.

“-Wholesome bastards who destroy lives”, that’s what we’re told now by politicians who, you see God, will protect Romanians from the bad slot machines like they saved those kids at the Colectiv. By the way, 8 years have passed since one of the biggest tragedies of post-december Romania and I haven’t seen any news on any TV channel or any politician to come and say that he has done something about the problem of the big burns (you see that 2 months ago they were roasting us with out-of-control gas at Crevedia or several workers were blown up on the construction site of the Moldova Highway in Vrancea county, cases that have never been heard of). Why? Because: the jokers… The jokers are to blame for all the evils in Romania…

“-We have to stop with the slot machines!” is what we are told on TV now. But what many of you may not know is that these bad slots are a State Monopoly! Yes sir, only the state has the right to exploit this vice. And the State issues licenses to companies that want to operate in this field for which they pay large sums of money as a licensing fee and exploitation fee, guarantees and all sorts of fees for statues, cinema, etc., taxes and no number of trays so that then the State can come and wash its hands and say “-These bastards are the cause of global warming and the fact that you poor Romanians!”. “, but the Romanian State has pocketed the billion euros a year that the companies in the sector pay in taxes, not the 45+. 000 employees who work in the field and for whom the “bastards with the slot machines” paid CAS and CASS and paid taxes on income, profit and whatever you want, they gave to prevention and combating the problem of addiction almost 8 million euros that lie in the accounts of the ONJN (the government agency of the Government, nota bene!) and with which nothing is done in this regard, but still the “bastards with the slot machines” are to blame.

You should know, dear Romanians, that if you arrive quickly and safely at the University Hospital in Bucharest in order to save your life, it is because of the “bastards with slot machines” that this will happen, because a major slot machine company has built the largest and most modern HELIPORT in Romania. Yes, yes! You have medical heliport because of the slot machines. An essential investment that saves and will save lives!

The fact that politicians at the highest level HAVE NO OTHER ELECTION CAMPAIGN TOPIC than SLOT MACHINE says a lot about how much they care about ROMANIA’S REAL PROBLEMS.

Romanians, after the slot machines will no longer operate legally in Romania (that basically means closing the slots) will you be happier? Will you have more money in your pocket? Your children will have the education you want, you will have better health care, at the level of taxes you pay, pensioners will have enough to live on? Will the country get rid of drugs, road deaths, will we have highways? Will you have money for rent? What about maintenance? Gas or electricity?

Ask yourselves these things when you see the “slot machine issue” in the press again and again…

I invite you to do a simple exercise, take a map sheet after you get home from work (if you have one, because many of us won’t have one soon) and make a top 10 of your daily problems and see: are jokes part of your daily problems…?

I think not!

Author: Editor

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