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Friday, 16 February 2024

Aircash is a package of cash and money transfer services with the advantage of huge flexibility for punters. This flexibility means time saved, and time means money. Every punter is interested in safe winnings, being able to deposit, being able to withdraw, with the guarantee of cashing out.

Aircash has won me over with a few advantages that matter enormously to me:

A top 10 app

The app can be downloaded online quickly, identity validation is very easy and with full protection of personal data. With the app installed and identity verified, you can already deposit to Aircash in cash or via credit/debit card.

Many users have found the app much easier to use and more user-friendly than other apps of the same kind.

You can instantly deposit money at any operator, send money to friends or family, shop, save, invest. All in record time, and that matters a lot to me in 2024.

Flexibility in deposits, flexibility in withdrawals

As a punter, I want to deposit fast, I want to withdraw fast, I want to be sure of my money. With Aircash you can deposit using your card or (at pay stations) by buying and using financial vouchers.

And when it comes to withdrawing, you can withdraw to your card or to your Aircash account. Easy, simple, no hassle, no nerves and full control of your funds.

Truly a super app for all types of payments.


Advantages for players at bookmakers

There are already several bookmakers and casinos that accept dedicated Aircash. And where you don’t see their sign, you can deposit and withdraw using your Aircash card. Card or cards, because the app can enroll up to 5 different debit cards.

Where else do you put the special promotions and direct benefits offered when you use Aircash!? And you only realise this when you use this service, this package of services.

Because Aircash is not just a virtual wallet but a perfectly integrated product, developed and perfected for punters and more.

You pay, you cash, you have fun. Simple and stress-free

You can deposit money with Aircash at over 100,000 locations. You can withdraw cash from Aircash, from any ATM, in seconds.

You can withdraw cash from your Aircash wallet at any ATM using your Aircash Mastercard.

Sounds great and is just as real. Add to that the fact that the number of services is constantly growing. ­čÖé

Deposit to the robo-deposit machine in seconds, then decide whether or not to deposit to the account

The steps are simple:

Select Abon

Default amounts are 25, 50, 100, 150, 200 and 300 lei

Enter your email address and the amount you want, then enter the cash equivalent

Pick up your Aircash receipt/voucher

You also receive the equivalent payment code electronically by e-mail.




Here is also a voucher I purchased to deposit at a bookmaker:

Low fees, big attraction

Commissions exist in any area with financial implications because the state also takes tax and services have to be paid for. We are not yet at the stage where we operate on mental energy alone.

Looking at commissions, it’s good to know the following:

For deposits, payments, administration = 0 commission!

Aircash wallet deposits are free. The minimum deposit amount is EUR 5 and the maximum is EUR 700 – if you are a verified user.

Sending fee = 1% (if you send money to friends, family)

Fee for cash withdrawal by ATM card (EEA/EU)

Romania: 7,50 lei + 2%

All together made me use Aircash as often as I can when betting. And the winnings I get I can manage very quickly using the app, a truly dedicated customer app.

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