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Friday, 10 June 2022

Casino Inside 125 is an issue about the continued success of our industry both offline and online. One of the reasons our field is successful is due to the people who work here with passion and dedication to what they do so that their customers are happy.

Euro Games is gradually becoming one of the most important gambling operators in our country. The first casino floor under the Euro Games brand was opened in Mioveni in 2011. Subsequently, the company launched two more casino floors under the same brand in Pitesti and Bucharest. The company initially developed the business with collaborative locations. In time, the operator decided to invest in the Euro Games brand and open as many locations under this name as possible. The company is currently expanding. Find out more about the Euro Games and their success in the pages of Cover Story.

I am passionate about fun games, I feel very relaxed when I gamble online, especially since now everyone is moving at a fast pace. In addition, I am fascinated by the games of chance. I play poker, I bet, but most often I play casino games. When I have free time, in the short breaks that my daily life offers me, I go to PokerStars Casino and every time I find something relaxing, attractive, fascinating to play on this platform. I can say it is an online casino that exceeds my expectations. I recommend the PokerStars Casino article to see how great the gaming experience is on their site.

Already a tradition for Novomatic customers, in-house events are proving to be a real success. The “The Magic is Back” edition focused on the latest technology, as well as customer feedback on legislative changes and Novomatic gaming experience. We were also present at this event and it was certainly a real success for the Novomatic Romania team, and we particularly liked the dedication and professionalism of the team here. Read more about it in the pages of our magazine.

You have to play to win. Whole life is a continuous game and fun is one of its main features. But there are some principles that I take into account every time and that I rely on a lot. One of them is safe play, and that includes both my protection as a player, and my share of responsibility. Otherwise, the fun would lose its meaning and could no longer be sustained by passion and the desire to always discover something new. And at Vlad Cazino I have had staggering winnings, retreats like a fish, but also the security that I can play safely without crossing the line between fun and addiction. I invite you to read a great article about how Vlad Casino is an example of an online casino business that puts the player at its heart.

125 is an edition that includes many other important informational highlights about our industry that we invite you to discover for yourself. A field that is constantly growing and maturing.



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