9 reasons to get your betting franchise from Mozzart Bet

Friday, 9 September 2022

There are plenty of companies in the sports betting industry that have partnership or franchise collaboration offers but few of them have the notoriety of the Mozzart Bet brand. We have identified 9 reasons why you should partner with Mozzart Bet in starting a business and we want to share them with you.

Mozzart Bet

Mozzart Bet

Here is the first reason: the demand for Mozzart Bet franchises is growing. More and more partnership agencies are opened and this means that those who want to start such a business are happy with this collaboration.

Another important reason is Mozzart Bet’s retail experience. This company is one of tradition on the Romanian market being among the first companies to offer betting products and services to Romanian punters. Having a serious and experienced partner with you on your journey to success is essential.

The betting offer is top notch at Mozzart Bet and players get increased odds on a daily basis. Mozzart Bet currently has the most experienced team of bookmakers in Serbia. The operator is known in the betting world for its high odds. The betting offer is recognized by players as one of the richest, with many betting options, combinations and benefits to match expectations, fully covering players’ requirements.

In the Mozzart Bet offer you can find daily more than 1600 sports events, of which more than 400 are football, with more than 250,000 odds.

Every day Mozzart Bet offers players promotional odds for certain sports events in the major leagues, as well as attractive marketing campaigns for both winning and losing tickets. It is very important to note that prizes are paid out within 30 minutes of confirming the result of the last event on the betting slip.

Mozzart Bet

Mozzart Bet

Mozzart Bet terminals. Another important reason why many decide to work with Mozzart Bet in partnership is the fact that players have the possibility to place tickets or play their favorite lotteries on Mozzart Bet betting terminals that have a friendly interface, which offers the possibility for any player to make their own ticket without queuing at the cashier. In addition, the design is attractive and modern and fits in perfectly with the rest of the equipment in the betting shop.

The gaming experience in Mozzart Bet agencies is special, for real players. I am one of those who often experience the atmosphere in Mozzart Bet agencies and I assure you that here you get the full experience. The accommodation is furnished and equipped to premium standards. Spaces are generous regardless of neighborhoods, with an emphasis on cleanliness, state-of-the-art slots and well-organized staff. The ergonomics of the space make everything judiciously designed and allow socializing between players. The agencies come equipped with ergonomic seating, generously sized LCD TVs that allow you to watch sporting events from any position in the room. The walls are tastefully upholstered and it all resonates with the appealing brand image Mozzart Bet has built up recently. The space allows you to easily interact with others and effortlessly watch sports matches, all culminating in a fun atmosphere that entices you to play more and spend more time here with friends. On the premises the punter can have a coffee or a soft drink from the bar.

The benefit system and know-how offered to all those who want to start a business with Mozzart Bet offers enormous advantages for partners. This is a pragmatic reason and it is natural for you to bear it in mind when thinking about starting a franchise business. It is natural to think about the conditions of collaboration, what expenses are involved in such a business and what profit to expect. Simply put, Mozzart Bet provides its partners with a franchise system whereby they accept sports bets under their betting license in a retail space managed by the partner.

The commission provided by the contract ensures the franchisor a constant monthly income. These fees are agreed upon with prospective partners, and there is also the possibility for Mozzart Bet to customize a type of calculation for each partner, depending on the visibility of locations, partner history, and other considerations. Mozzart Bet assumes all risk and responsibility for paying out winning bets and resetting the account after 6 consecutive months with a negative result. Taking this into account, the future partner has a huge advantage.

Opening a Mozzart Bet agency is a very simple thing to do. Some people find the process of opening a business stressful. This is not the case here. The steps required to open the agency are easy and carefully monitored by the operator. After identifying the location and finalizing the partnership agreement, Mozzart Bet will guide the partner in setting up the location according to the company’s standards, including the purchase of furniture. Players don’t need to feel the difference between a Mozzart Bet owned location and a partner location. Mozzart Bet will exclusively handle branding, marketing, technical equipment and support for both players and staff. Throughout this process of preparing the location, but also as the agency gains notoriety among players you will be assisted by the Mozzart Bet team.

Mozzart Bet maintains the same financial conditions in current and future contracts with its partners despite recent legislative changes. Even though the legislative conditions have recently been changed by the amendments made by the Government to the Tax Code and by the Ordinance for the modification and completion of GEO 77/2009, including new tax grids, Mozzart Bet has maintained the same financial conditions in the current and future contracts, in this way trying to ensure that their partners do not feel this legislative change and have the most favorable conditions from a financial point of view.

Mozzart Bet offers a monthly fee even for online betting activity, both for cash deposits and for withdrawals of registered players on the platform www.mozzartbet.ro. An important asset considering that the covid-19 pandemic has turned the attention of betting operators more in this direction. More attention is paid to this area and its interaction with the retail area. For partners it is an extra source of income.

Conclusion. For anyone who wants to start a sports betting business I recommend starting a collaboration with Mozzart Bet. You have 9 reasons to do this, but there are certainly more.

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