7 ways to win at slots

Wednesday, 20 March 2024

Here are 7 ways to win at slots. Slots have become so popular and attractive because they don’t require any special skills or knowledge. Logically, everything is simple, visual and within reach of every player. And many of these players try all sorts of ways to play in search of winning. Usually, when winning doesn’t occur, conspiracy theories develop.

Just for those who don’t know, this area of slots is one that attracts with the mirage of winnings. And the easy to tell, easy to relate stories, most of which have pretty much the same major theme: “how much did I win and how much did I put in?!”. Perhaps some general notions, some information (just a click away) about each game, but more importantly, about following certain principles of the game, would be useful. Because, even fun has its own rules, has its own lines and limits. And when we exceed these limits, losses are inherent, risks (of all kinds) increase exponentially and the memories gathered are not pleasant.

  1. Acknowledge and own your gains

When you have a certain amount to play with, a certain amount “on the machine” or in your account and winnings appear, cashout, withdraw immediately when you have doubled or tripled the amount. It’s up to you to withdraw or “cash out” and be aware of the winnings.

ways to win at slots

In the picture above is a “hit” on RON 20. It is clear that the amount available in the account is RON 140. In this case, of the winnings, you must withdraw at least RON 800, the rest remaining for the game. At the same time, the stake should then be reduced to 4 or 10 lei/spin.

There is no guarantee that you will still win, but you can immediately secure your winnings.

  1. Play according to a strategy, stick to a plan

There are several ways to play slots. They can be considered as game strategies if their principles are followed and observed:

– play within a budget

Play exactly the time you have available whether it is 5 minutes, 30 minutes or more.

– playing time

During a game session it is good to check your watch and give each title a dedicated time.

– 5 spins

5, 10, 25, 50, 100 is the number of spins that is a multiple of 5. It allows you to try, experiment, see more games.

– progressive stake increase

Raising the stakes progressively is one of the riskiest gambling strategies. 10 spins on RON 1, 20 spins on RON 2, 40 spins on RON 4… until you reach your target win or not.

– “on special”

You can only play by buying free spins on games that allow this.

– “on double”

Apparently, it could be your ability to guess and risk to double your winnings. It’s a popular game mode and one that deserves your full attention. My suggestion is to take your winnings after your second or third successful guess of the card suggested by the software. Don’t get greedy trying to win a larger amount of money. You won’t succeed. 99% of the time you will lose all your money.

  1. RTP, Volatility, Popularity

RTP stands for “Return To Player” and can be translated as “what goes back to the player”, but perhaps “given back” is more appropriate than ‘goes back ’.

While impressive, RTP is a rather vague indicator when it comes to the practical side. Plus there is a theoretical RTP – the index value is calculated for millions of rounds played and very large amounts of money rolled, not an actual RTP – which is determined by actually analyzing how the game works under real conditions.

Also known as volatility, this is the range of wins a player can expect. It can be low, medium and high, but also with intermediate levels between the three values.

Games with high volatility offer less frequent payouts, but also higher payouts. Low volatility games offer players winning combinations more often, the prizes offered are smaller. Medium volatility games are variants that are closer to one of the two extremes.

Logically, high-volatility games can bring a sensational win but they can also drain your budget and your nerves. Low volatility games are more exciting because of the pace of the payouts.

Popularity is determined by players’ use of a particular title. Each player has their own preferences but statistics don’t lie about the notoriety a game enjoys. Because every minute, every bet, every win, is recorded and stored on a server at the manufacturer.

  1. Are you familiar with the paytable?

The paytable of a slot is the mirror of the game. Be sure to read the paytable before you start playing. It will inform you about the different winning combinations and give you useful information about the combinations that occur. It will also let you know how much you can win on different spins.

  1. Study the jackpots you are aiming for

Jackpots can be opportunities and targets. They are sought after, targeted, hunted and are among the most attractive aspects of gambling.

There are room jackpots, area jackpots, region jackpots, country jackpots, game jackpots and manufacturer jackpots. Numerous classifications, orderings and lists can be made.


The important thing is to know the stake required, whether your game is linked to one or more jackpots and, last but not least, to keep track of the incrementing and awarding. Because there are fixed prizes but there are also some within set limits.

  1. Only play as long as you’re having fun.

You can play as much and as often as you want if you have a plan that proves viable. However, it’s good to remember that greed is infinite and risk is defined by probability and impact. In other words, a big loss has an impact to match, especially when the probability of it happening is high.

Your time is important and fun is one of the fundamental chapters. The problem is that the line between fun and disaster can sometimes be blurred. All the more reason to stick to the rules, to budget appropriately and realistically, to stop when necessary, to be careful and informed.

  1. Set realistic goals and stick to them

The easier it is to set goals, the harder it is to stop yourself when you hit the slots. Adrenaline, the desire to win and have fun can make you ignore all the rules and by the time you realize it, it’s too late.

It’s up to you as a player to be realistic and responsible with your time and budget. No one is stopping you from dreaming of winning billions when you play on minimum stakes, but neither is anyone else supporting your losses. Nobody likes to lose, here’s the best reason to make the difference between paying for fun and not having fun at all.

Realistic goals require time and a well set budget for the game. It’s easy to have RON 200 lei set aside for the game, to set out to try 20 games with stakes between RON 0.2 and 1 for 1 hour, here’s just one example. It is difficult to stick to this approach, not to increase the stakes, not to add to the budget (if you don’t win) and even more difficult to stop if you have won the proposed amount.


As I said, theory we all know, practice kills us (by days). But it is not a justification to ignore certain rules, to omit information that can help you, to not observe the principles you set yourself.

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