7 Successful Years of SYNOT Games in the Market

Wednesday, 30 August 2023

SYNOT Games is part of SYNOT Group, an internationally respected group of companies, operating in more than 40 countries worldwide. The renowned figure of the entertainment business in Central and Eastern Europe continues to provide a high-quality portfolio with the perfect design for both online and landbased operations – from cutting-edge gaming equipment, through a wide range of online and casino games with stunning visuals, to leading iGaming software solutions.


One of the first major steps was in 2017, when SYNOT Games began operating in Romania, under the authorization of the Romanian National Gambling Office (ONJN). The company leveraged the country’s landbased tradition and the familiarity of the brand in favor of cracking the doors for iGaming.

Over the past seven years, SYNOT Games has successfully established itself as a leading iGaming supplier with a presence in more than 26 countries. Today, itis a respected international company known for its high-quality slot games portfolio thanks to the dedication of approximately 200 professionals.


Easy Integration and Continuous Support

SYNOT Games offers a slot games port­folio that caters to the specific technical and legislative requirements of various juris­dictions worldwide.

“Being compliant in the gaming market is our top priority! We understand the importance of staying updated with new industry standards to ensure the continuous development and availability of our games in regulated territories,” said Ivan Kodaj, CEO at SYNOT Games

Therefore, it strives to ensure that its partners can manage their business in the most efficient way possible with continuous support and assistance. The extensive range of slot games can be easily integrated into any operation, while technical support is always available to answer client questions and provide solutions to any technical issues that may arise.


Pushing Boundaries through Partnerships and Innovation

SYNOT Games has achieved remarkable success by capitalizing on partnerships with prominent global suppliers and adopting a strategy of continuous innovation. By constantly seeking new solutions and pushing boundaries, SYNOT Games has been able to set higher and more ambitious goals each year. The company’s dedication to technology and market innovation drives its growth and allows for the development of cutting-edge gaming products.

The Ultimate Gaming Experience

At the core of SYNOT Games’ business is the creation of exciting slots.

“At SYNOT Games, we create games that satisfy players and deliver a truly engaging player experience.” said Ivan Kodaj, CEO at SYNOT Games

With a team of 200 iGaming enthusiasts, the company has built a solid portfolio of over 120 games from fruity classics to thematic adventures and 22 dice slots. Each game is developed in-house and ensures innovative concepts, capti­vating designs, high-resolution graphics, and a rich array of in-game features. The continuous release of new games, at a rate of two per month, keeps the portfolio fresh and engaging.

Expanding Influence in Global Markets

SYNOT Games’ offering is currently live in more than 1,500 casinos across 26 markets and all games are available in 32 languages. This wide­spread presence demonstrates the company’s steady expansion and growing influence in the industry. By confidently entering each market, SYNOT Games aims to broaden its reach and captivate players worldwide.


Strategic Partnerships and Market Expansion

SYNOT Games is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, Hellenic Gaming Commission, ONJN, Belgium Authority Kanspell Commissie and, as of 2023, also by the Swedish Spelinspektionen. That allowed the company to tap into new markets and release new games and features.

“As all legal requirements go, these are not just in place to protect the player. They also show the status of the companies and the trustworthiness of the services they provide,” noted Martina Hrabinska, CCO of Synot Games

Early ventures centered around familiar places, especially in Romania where the company esta­blished important partnerships with Pokerstars, Maxbet Romania, Admiral Romania, Netbet, Getsbet, Superbet, Favbet, Winbet, Fortuna and more, only to branch out into other parts of Europe and the world.

Notably, SYNOT Games has established 50  inte­grations with prominent brands such as IGT, Relax Gaming, Playtech, Everymatrix, Games Global, EGT, Gamanza, and more. These part­nerships have further strengthened the com­pany’s position as a leading iGaming supplier.


Maintaining Focus on Regulated Markets

SYNOT Games understands the importance of operating in regulated markets and maintaining compliance throughout its operations. By prio­ritizing regulated markets, the company elevates industry standards and ensures that its products meet the highest quality and regulatory require­ments. This commitment to compliance allows SYNOT Games to build trust with players and establish long-lasting partnerships with ope­rators.

Looking into the Future

As player behavioral trends continue to evolve, SYNOT Games remains focused on bringing excitement to the world of online gambling. The company is committed to further broadening its reach and delivering innovative solutions.

With slot releases leading the 2023 roadmap, the integration of SYNOT Games’ proprietary retention tools with customers’ platforms is expected to attract even more players and expand partnerships.



Over the past seven years, SYNOT Games has experienced remarkable success in the iGaming business. With a comprehensive portfolio, stra­tegic partnerships, and a focus on innovation, the company has established itself as a leading supplier. As SYNOT Games continues to expand its influence, maintain compliance, and bring innovative gaming experiences to players, the future looks promising for the company and its dedicated team of iGaming enthusiasts.


For more information about our company please contact our sales department: sales@synotgames.com or visit our website www.synotgames.com.


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