Monday, 2 January 2023

The MAGNUM group of companies, with 100% Romanian capital, has successfully completed 2022. Despite the difficulties encountered, the young and motivated team has successfully met its target and is preparing for the coming year with new attractive proposals for future partners and a business plan that will continue the objectives set.




Looking back, we started 2022 under the auspices of the pandemic bans, which were a real challenge for the whole gambling industry in our country, and then we received a short-lived „breath of fresh air”, and halfway through the year, tax and operational regulations appeared, about which we do not want to make any kind of assessment on this occasion. The end of the year has brought another regulation likely to disrupt the activity of gambling companies and is preparing for next year 4-5 legislative proposals (at various stages in the Romanian Parliament) that appall us with their unprofessionalism and intransigence.

Despite these barriers, the MAGNUM team has succeeded in developing the most successful partnership offering for the industry, which has been recognised in the industry with Casino Inside Magazine’s award for „Best Collaborative Gaming Partnership Offering in 2022”. Speci­fically, our company has and provides those inte­res­ted in profitable partnerships with technical, logistical, legal and management support that allows a harmonious and solid development of business, whether we are talking about dedicated halls, where we offer the latest gaming means for operation, or betting agencies where we offer the latest technology. And for the coming period, we have identified the needs of the market and will launch attractive products and services that will allow a harmonious, strong and healthy development of the business.

MAGNUMBET’s participation in the 14th edition of Entertainment Arena Expo, which took place in Bucharest on September 6-8, allowed us to identify new development opportunities, to crystallize and redefine our market needs, to interact with B2B partners and have constructive discussions and last but not least to interact directly with specialists and real professionals in the field of traditional and remote gambling involved in the national gambling market.

The MAGNUM story moves forward, with the young team that will succeed in expanding nationwide, with high quality services, in distinguished locations, where there is a delightful environment for players, with consistent prizes, complemented by important bonuses and promotional raffles very well received by customers.

While the market will change, digitization remains a priority for everyone, and we provide our partners with the leverage to enable them with options to meet all their needs, betting terminals and partner commissioning solutions for all online customer deposits. Of course, we also contribute to the image capital by customizing the facades with a new image, so that we offer an attractive look through the special design that differentiates us from the competition. Experts in the field appreciate our activity as being based on sustainable growth, based on serious investment, competence, a very good knowledge of the clientele and last but not least will and consistency.

There have been much more difficult moments than the ones that the gambling market in our country is going through at the moment, that is why the MAGNUM team has set out, and will certainly succeed, to identify the best solutions and to provide partners with the most sophisticated and competent tools that will allow the development and stability of the gambling business, at a comfortable and profitable level for both parties.

And because we are in the happiest time of the year, approaching the winter holidays, let us, on behalf of MAGNUM Group, here in Dobrogea, send you our most sincere wishes for a healthy and fulfilled life with your loved ones, prosperity and stability for your business and a new year with security and predictability!

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