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Game World embraced the challenges that arose with the coronavirus pandemic and undertook actions that were adapted to the new reality, keeping the fundamental values of the brand unchanged. But what exactly did the year 2021 mean for the Game World brand? Here is a retrospective of the most important events held this year that we all looked forward to with great optimism, but which proved to be difficult and with many challenges for the entire gambling industry in Romania.


February. Game World becomes the first network of gambling halls in Romania that has been DEKRA certified

Customer and employee safety has been a top priority for the company since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Game World has invested in materials and equipment for disinfection with modern technologies, has taken additional measures of prevention and cleanliness, communicated effectively on this subject, and carefully trained the staff of gambling halls. Thus, in February, Game World was the first gambling company in our country to receive the international DEKRA Trusted Facility certification for trusted locations.

Game World

April. “Game World Scholarships”, a project to support Romanian education

The second edition of the “Game World Scholarships” program has ended successfully. 10 scholarships were awarded to students, master students, and doctoral students from the faculties of psychology in Romania who have chosen to specialize in addictions psychotherapy in the academic year 2020 – 2021. The project does not stop here and continues to the third edition for the academic year 2021 – 2022. Equally, the financial support granted by Game World to the youth education campaign, “Training for the Age of Majority”, organized by the “Responsible Game” Association, will continue.


April – May – June. Pro-vaccination campaign organized by the gambling industry

From the first discussions about this project, organized within ROMSLOT, Game World was an active supporter of the pro-vaccination campaign organized by the gambling industry. The campaign marked a premiere, being the first action of this kind organized by private companies in an economic field in Romania. Game World was actively involved in all stages of the campaign, and the main messages were expressed by the company’s representatives, both to the general public and on internal communication channels.


June. “Royal Prizes”, the most grandiose promotion at Game World Bucharest Mall Vitan

The summer started with fun and record prizes in the biggest gambling hall in Romania. June meant the launch of the grandest promotion at Game World Bucharest Mall Vitan. „Royal Prizes” is a promotion with 80 editions that takes place every Friday, with a total of 900 guaranteed prizes, including 7 kilograms of 24K gold awarded as special prizes and the Grand Prize, a luxury car, the incredible Rolls Royce Cullinan Black Badge.

As impressive as the awards are, so spectacular are the events organized within the editions of this promotion. Game World Bucharest Mall Vitan gambling hall has established itself during the 22 years of activity through the shows and parties that have been organized here regularly. Andreea Balan, AMI, Mira, Anna Lesko, and Iulia Dumitrache & Band are just some of the artists who took the stage of the largest gambling hall in Romania in 2021.

Royal Prizes

August. Game World shines in the Champions League with CSM Bucharest

Another important event took place in August when the partnership between Game World and the Municipal Sports Club Bucharest was announced. Thus, Game World became the main sponsor of the women’s and men’s handball teams of the most titled team sports club in Romania, CSM Bucharest.

The association between the two brands was built on the set of values and principles that the two partners have in common, they also pursue two objectives: performance in competitions and leaders in the fields in which they operate.

September. Game World City Park Mall, the largest gambling hall outside Bucharest has become even bigger

In September, the company celebrated 22 years of activity at Game World Bucharest Mall Vitan and 13 years at Game World City Park Mall. With the latter, the largest gambling hall outside Bucharest became even bigger after extensive modernization and expansion works took place here. The experience offered to customers from the seaside was completed with new entertainment options, such as the restaurant run by Chef Cristian Voicu, winner of the ”Chefs at Knives” contest in the second season, the new stage for events and shows inside the gambling room and Alfastreet betting terminals connected to the live studio roulette inside Game World Bucharest Mall Vitan.

The event was celebrated with a big party in which a new promotion was launched, “BMW Extravaganzza”, which offers numerous cash prizes and five special prizes, five luxury BMW X series cars.

Game World VIVO

October. The month of records set by the members of the Game World team

Nicolae Negumereanu, a member of Game World Brașov team and professional mixed martial arts fighter, managed to obtain an impressive sports result. After in June, in Las Vegas, he became the first Romanian in history to win a UFC match, the most important division of MMA, Nicolae „Nick” Negumereanu repeated his exceptional performance in October, when he won another match in the same competition that took place in the world capital of casinos.

Nicolae Negumereanu

Also in October, another member of the Game World team, Hunor Beres, managed to qualify for the Ironman Tallinn triathlon competition, competing in the 40 – 44 age group. With an impressive life story, Hunor Beres is one of the most successful triathletes in Romania, constantly ranking on the podium of the most important competitions in this very demanding event for athletes.

Hunor Beres

November. Game World VIVO! and Game World Casino premieres

A very special event took place in early November when the Game World network expanded with a new premium gambling hall, located inside the VIVO! Constanta. Thus, Game World VIVO! is the eighth location in the Game World network, and Constanta becomes the first city in Romania, after Bucharest, with several gambling halls under the Game World brand.

Also this month, the first integrated promotion was launched, organized by Game World Casino and Game World Bucharest Mall Vitan. “Casino Grand Prix” has weekly editions and offers participants record prizes, including seven Seat Cupra Formentor cars.

December. Surprises and news at the end of a year with many challenges and successes

December is the month of gifts and surprises and the Game World halls are already arranged in the spirit of the winter holidays. From Christmas tree decorations, specific lights, decorations to staff holiday uniforms, and also to themed end-of-year parties, everything is ready for a year-end with hope and optimism. The challenge ends another year, but the show and fun at Game World continue. Happy Holidays everyone!

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