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Thursday, 16 November 2023

It is with joy and excitement that we announce that this year we are celebrating 20 years in business!

Over these two decades, we have grown and evolved, bringing innovation and excellence to everything we do. In this story of ours, it is important to highlight the values and commitment that have defined us. We strongly believe that social responsibility can bring about great change and that is why we have been involved in countless projects over the years. Integrity, innovation and collaboration are a particularly important set of values for our company that have always guided us towards success and the achievement of our goals.


This journey has been made possible thanks to the MaxBet team who have been so dedicated to all the projects organised. We are very proud to say that we have a united team made up of dedicated people, with long-standing seniority in the company, who have always been eager to develop, help and participate in the work carried out.

20 years of presence in the local market has meant 124 MaxBet halls, 2 MaxFun halls, cultural and sports sponsorship activities, dedication to employee quality of life, cultivating social inclusion and supporting higher education.

With study, training, discipline and rigour, seriousness and commitment, respect for people, but also a lot of flexibility, whether they are the company’s employees, participants in gambling or civil society as a whole, MaxBet has built over time a strong brand, under which a number of more than 1,400 employees currently work.

MaxBet takes responsibility for its gambling strategy, which is based on long-term relationships with its players, with a focus on compliance with all legal regulations, offering the best conditions and the highest safety standards.


Involvement in society

We like to be different and meet challenges through real involvement and dedication. Our 20 years have passed beautifully and have been full of important events in which we have participated with joy. Social responsibility always guides our work and we confess that we are very proud and happy when projects come to fruition and we know we have done a good deed. Our involvement has been in various fields: sport, culture, health and education.

In addition to our own satisfaction, we want to set an example through our social work. One of the most notable CSR projects of the MaxBet team is the construction of the heliport of the University Emergency Hospital Bucharest, this project representing a benchmark in the Romanian healthcare system, setting a high standard of performance and providing a vital solution for rapid medical transport in critical situations. The heliport has not only reduced emergency response times, but has also saved lives, showing that a company can have a significant impact on the health and well-being of the community in which it operates. Also at the University Emergency Hospital, we have successfully contributed to the renovation of the Food Block, where more than 1,000 patients now receive balanced and healthy food every day.

Along the way, some of our best projects have been those aimed at renovating schools so that young children can learn in a friendly environment that improves their performance. As I said, we are also involved in sport. Padbol, a combination of football, sqash, tennis and paddle, is a sport that has gained popularity recently, and because we love movement and believe in a healthy lifestyle as well as performance, our team has proudly sponsored the Romanian Padbol Cup.

In total, MaxBet has allocated over €4.4 million to CSR projects. The company will continue to implement innovative CSR projects and develop new projects with a focus on nature conservation, consideration of human relations and corporate governance.

10 years of “Champions in Good Deeds”

This year we had another reason to celebrate, because it was 10 years of “Champions in Good Deeds”, a sports project dear to our team.

“Champions in Good Deeds” is a remarkable annual initiative of MaxBet that brings employees together in a unique event combining sport and social responsibility. At this event, MaxBet employees were involved in intense sports competitions such as football, volleyball and foot-tennis, as well as fundraising for important social causes. With a 10-year history, the Championship has evolved into a landmark event in company culture, promoting team values and generosity in the community. This event serves as a living example of the power of collaboration and passion to bring about meaningful change.

The 10th anniversary was celebrated with many surprises and memorable moments. In the field, MaxBet employees enjoyed gifts and competitions, the atmosphere was full of positive energy and joy. We were very happy to see that the participants felt appreciated for their contribution!

10 years of MaxBet Academy

Investing in employee education is a crucial pillar for MaxBet. Through courses, follow-ups and personal coaching, we constantly develop the skills and competences of our team. Our employees are the ones who matter most because they contribute every day to the company’s success, which is why we support them responsibly and continuously.

Our most important courses are: sales communication techniques, sales performance improvement techniques, emotional intelligence course, goal setting techniques, change and team management.

We are very grateful for our 20 years of activity and continue to write the best stories every day with our team and to be involved in many successful projects.

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