Eldorado 777 First 10 years of our success.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

In 2007, two young men decided to establish a gaming company. Perhaps they could not have imagined that in a few years they would become one of the most significant operators in Romania. Today, their efforts are confirmed by a serious amount of experience, three determining brands, a team of more than 300 people and a successful operating model.


We asked Levente Dániel, the general manager of the company, who is responsible for the effective operation of the group, to tell us more about the successes of the last 10 years.

CI: It isn’t simple to manage such a big company alone.

LD: When I took over the management of the company in 2011, we didn’t have such a big organization yet. We’ve always believed in the conscious development, and by opening even more gaming rooms we gained significant experience, and in the meantime our team has been increased with more and more highly qualified professional staff.

CI: You’ve started with a small company. Can we look at it as a typical success story?

LD: Of course. Indeed, our two owners have built the company step by step. They had started with a small company and at the beginning, they could finance the operation of only a few slot machines, but they had already believed in the successful outcomes of their hard work. It is almost unbelievable, but this is how our story began. Today we operate more than 750 slot machines across Romania.

CI: Indeed, you’ve come an unbelievably long road in the last 10 years. Where are you now?

LD: In the last 10 years, we’ve created three brands related to our company: Eldorado 777 Winner Club, Eldorado 777 Deluxe and Eldorado 777 Poker Club. Throughout the country, we operate a total of 30 gaming halls, of which 26 Winner Clubs, 2 Deluxe premium gaming rooms and 2 Poker Clubs. Perhaps we can tell that one thing: today we are a generally known and recognized company in the gaming industry.

CI: How did you celebrate the 10th anniversary?

LD: With work :). Joking aside, we really celebrated with work. For us, the biggest gift for our 10th anniversary was the fact that in 2017, in just one year, we could open one new gaming room for each of our three brands. In Iasi we opened our fourth Winner Club, in September this year we opened our first Deluxe premium gaming hall in Timisoara, and at the beginning of this summer we opened our second Poker Club in Arad. No specification could be complete without mentioning that this spring we made an extension for the very first gaming room of our company, the Winner Club no. 1 in Oradea, giving it a whole new design. I think this is what made our 10th anniversary even more remarkable.

CI: What lies at the heart of your permanent development?

LD: In my view, the secret of our constant and sustainable development is the team itself. First of all, the existence of over 250 colleagues in the ‘front-line’ who are here to serve our clients on a daily basis, our IT, technical and office staff, who all mean the solid background of our work, as well as our managers, who coordinate the daily operation of our gaming rooms.

Besides this I would point out our four top managers, who are providing me the biggest help in the operative guiding of the company.

But now I give them the floor to tell you what the years spent at our company meant for them.


Attila Nemeș – Executive Director

CI: When did you start working at the company?

AN: I joined the company in 2011.

CI: Which areas are under your guidance?

AN: As the Executive Director of the group, I supervise the day-to-day business of our gaming rooms, I coordinate the activity of the regional managers and gaming room supervisors, I check the staff and professional areas, but I also coordinate the accomplishment of our new investments.

I’m not really fond of titles; my colleagues usually say that I’m their strong point within the company. They can trustingly turn to me with their questions and problems, and I am always there to help.

CI: If you were to mention just one, which would be the most pleasant memory you’d recall from the times you spent at the company?

AN: It’s a recent experience, so maybe this is the most pleasant one for me, namely the grand opening of our newest Eldorado 777 Deluxe gaming room in Timisoara. This project meant a major challenge for us due to the complexity of the investment. However, thanks to the effective teamwork, the outcome is very compelling on all aspects; or at least the feedbacks from our players and representatives of our competitors demonstrate this.


László Sepsi – Slot Operations Director

CI: When did you start working at the company?

LS: I came to the company at the end of July 2015. My first mission covered the establishment of our new division in Iasi. I spent 8 months in this city with the set up of the gaming rooms, including employing and training staff.

CI: Concluding from the title, your job must be very complex. How would you summarize it?

LS: Everything that covers the smooth functioning of our gaming rooms, such as the supervision of the slot machines and Jackpot systems, as well as of the casino management system, or communication and contacts with our suppliers and partners, all being under my supervision.

CI: If you were to mention just one, which would be the most pleasant memory you’d recall from the times you spent at the company?

LS: I could mention more. For example, the final drawing of the Space Project promotion, seeing the excitement and expectation in the players’ eyes, waiting for “the moment of truth”.

It is good to see the appreciative glances from the competition each time we open a new gaming room.

It was also very pleasant to get a generous welcome from the players, when after half a year I returned to Iasi, even if there were some conflicts in the past.


Cătălina Cherecheș – Poker Manager

CI: When did you start working at the company?

CC: I joined the company at the beginning of 2014, approximately 3-4 months before the opening of our Poker Club in Oradea.

CI: As the manager of the poker division, how do you see your own role within the company?

CC: It’s been a long and hard road until we became a relevant actors of the Romanian gaming market also in the field of poker.

My passion for poker constantly leads me in achieving the operation of our poker clubs along higher and higher standards, to organize better and more interesting tournaments and cash games, and the positive feedbacks coming from our players confirm that our hard work pays-off so far.

The Eldorado 777 Poker Club already has two loctions, in Oradea and Arad, and it cannot be excluded that in the future we will further expand our market share with poker as well.

CI: If you were to mention just one, which would be the most pleasant memory you’d recall from the times you spent at the company?

CC: It is hard to mention just one, but maybe my most pleasant memories are connected to the major tournaments, when we get positive feedbacks from the players, thanking us the unforgettable experiences we’ve given them.

It was also a huge appreciation towards our efforts that in 2016 we were awarded as ‘The best Poker Room in Romania’ by Casino Inside magazine.

As the human part of it, it warms my heart just thinking that I can train future colleagues who have never previously had any relationship with poker. It is good to see the fulfilling on their face when they can work as successful dealers at our company.


Gábor Küttel – Marketing Director

CI: When did you start working at the company?

GK: I joined the company in the summer of 2015.

CI: How do you see the importance of marketing in the day-to day life of the company?

GK: Without overestimating the importance of marketing, I truly believe that by continuously stimulating our players we are able to maintain their interest towards our services. Furthermore, a major determining factor in the image of the company is a well-organized and attractive marketing activity. Today, the Romanian gaming market presents a very intense competition; many of the companies try to consolidate their own position by outbidding each other. From my point of view, the long-term winners will be those who succeed in implementing their promotions based on rational considerations. Otherwise, we would find ourselves in the situation with the snake that bites its own tail.

CI: If you were to mention just one, which would be the most pleasant memory you’d recall from the times you spent at the company?

GK: We, humans, are essentially vain, so the first thing that comes to my mind is the award won, the “Marketing promotion of the year” on the 2016 Casino Inside Awards ceremony. But the experience is a little bit more complex than this, since the Eldorado 777 Space Project was a year-long comprehensive promotion with the participation of all of our gaming rooms. Many of our colleagues strived to bring joy into our players’ lives so the success is common.

I recall with great pleasure to our emblematic staff events and parties, but I think it is wiser not to disclose the details… 🙂

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