Eduard Norel

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Eduard Norel comes from Brasov, he is 28 years old and already has a great portofolio. He won the fourth position at European Masters of Poker II (2009) and the fifth position at WPT Marrakech (2010). Considering the fact he has studied Managenment and he is a very calculated person, we bet on his first participation within an international tournament very soon.


Why did you start playing poker and tou did not choose something else?

I have started playing texas Holdem sometime in 2006, during the summer. I had an accident and I had to stay in bed for about one month and a half. I have started wasting my time with different things and I have run into Holdem.

What attracts you most in poker?

It started as a hobby, and I took it seriously around the autumn 2008. First I have enjoyed the game. The amounts involved at that time were not very large, but I started loving the game more and more, and along the way the winnings attracted me, as well as the friends with the same occupation, traveling, fun.

Where do you feel more confortable when playing poker, online or at the table, when facing the opponent?

It is true I like more playing online, but I have always enjoyed live gaming.

Which are your most important achievements in poker, despite the location?

I had good results until now, online and live. As a cash player and as participating to few tournaments, I couldn’t have had very important things until now. The most important achievments in Romania I think are the fifth position at Romanian Poker Championship (second edition) and the first position at regent Cup, in November 2010. This was the first participation and I got very lucky (he laughs)

Which are the sites you play on and why?

I have played on for about two years. I felt good about playing there, I found offers, games and the support I was looking for. I moved to pokerstars recently, due to the soft and the larger volume of games and the large number of players.

What did you close friends tell when you have decided to turn poker into your job?

I really had problems with “adapting” them to my new occupation, the family supported me, and my friends really understood me

Please characterize in few words the poker game.

The first words I can think about are: volume, adaptability, self knowledge, perseverance and luck

What would you say to a new comer?

I think there are different methods for approaching the beginnings of the game, according to each ones character, but I would probably say “play a lot”, try to catch the moves and understand the dynamic of the game.

Which are the plyers you like, in Romania and abroad?

I like many players in Romania, most of them are my friends or at least people I know. If I start naming them, I will certainly forget about somenone and I don’t want to upset no one. (he laughs). Among the international representants, I like Phil Galfond and Phil Ivey.

Besides poker, what other hobbies do you have?

Besides poker, which, by the way, needs a lot of money, I like motorcycling and I am passionate about cars.

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