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Tuesday, 14 May 2019

94 is an edition that satisfies our readers’ expectations: rich in information, with pertinent analyses and new, exciting subjects.

For the Cover Story, we present Stanleybet.ro, which came to be in 2015, when it was among the first operators licensed by the National Office for Gambling for the exploitation and organization of online games. In order to give the Stanleybet.ro players the best betting experience, they worked with the best products and services providers. It truly was a challenge for all those involved in this project, who channeled all of their energies so that the platform may become a success.

Recently, the Association of Slot Organizers – ROMSLOT, chose Mister Sorin Georgescu as the new president of this association. We took advantage of this occasion and spoke to the new ROMSLOT president in order to find out which will be the primary industry vulnerabilities in the following period, what are the solutions to the current market issues and what actions must be taken so that the dialog with the regulation authorities or, now, with the local administration, is rendered successful.

Casino Technology is launching new intriguing game packs from the famous series GAMOPOLIS SPEEDWAY™ and TOWER™. Due to the universal concept and applicability of the specific preferences of clients and operators, the most recent multigame, GAMOPOLIS SPEEDWAY™ 75, has as purpose enhancing the players’ experience and contributing to the diversification of the product offers on casino floors. TOWER 102™ is an intelligent mix made up of 40 full HD games, with fruit themes, whose purpose is to ensure a maximum degree of occupation of slot machines on the casino floors. Find out more about the novelties offered by Casino Technology by reading their material.

In the Romanian public space, gambling addiction is often associated with drug or alcohol addiction. While drug and alcohol addictions are addictions with a cause status, as they generate a series of other issues for the individual, such as addiction to several chemical substances, gambling addiction is, in fact, an effect. We invite you to read a very interesting and useful article wrote by the specialists on the “Responsible Game” team.

The partners from Pokerfest present a very cool analysis regarding live versus online gambling. Even if live games and online ones seem to be at each other’s throats, reality turned out to be completely different, and the best example comes from one of the “juniors” of the gambling industry: poker. Live and online poker have proven not only that they get along well, but that they raise each other’s potentials, the groups of players in the two areas intersecting massively and the two enemies succeeding to develop into an unexpected symbiosis. Don’t miss it!

Our May edition offers you the occasion to find out new things about and inside scoops on the Romanian gambling industry. We invite you to upgrade your level of knowledge and as such, to benefit from the best information source in the industry: Casino Inside.


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