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Editorial – Let’s stay safe and healthy!

Friday, 10 July 2020



The summer edition of our magazine contains useful and interesting materials that will help you stay informed with all the data related to our industry.

In the Cover Story material we offer you the opportunity to learn more about the Czech gambling company, Kajot. Kajot, slot machine manufacturer and game designer dedicated to landbased casino floors, and also developer of game content for online casino operators, is a reputable operator on the Central and Eastern Europe market (including Romania), through its Kajot Intacto gaming rooms. We offer you an exciting interview with Mr. André Kruf, sales director of the Kajot group in which you will read everything about their plans for our country.

Immediately after the cover story, you will find one of the most important interviews in the history of Casino Inside magazine. Mrs. Sandra Douglass Morgan, Chair of the Nevada Gaming Control Board (the ONJN equivalent in the United States), gave us an exclusive interview on the state of the Nevada gambling industry. We invite you to read more about the impact the isolation has had on Nevada’s gambling industry, how customers reacted to the reopening of gambling halls since June 4, what are the losses recorded by Nevada’s gambling industry during the pandemic period and many other things.

Another recommendation is to read an informed opinion of one of the best Romanian experts in the field of safety, health and entertainment, regarding the observance of sanitary norms in the gambling industry in our country, after resuming the activity on June 15. Sorin Georgescu, Manager of the well-known premium gambling brand, Bonus, and president of the professional association Romslot, gives us a very comprehensive analysis regarding the state of our gambling industry after the lockdown. Moreover, he explains why Bonus casino floors will continue to be some of the best premium casino floors in the country.

We are slowly resuming our activity on the European market. Some countries have reopened their casinos since mid-June, while others will have to wait for resuming their activity. What have we learned from this period of isolation? Arjan Korstjens is a consultant, speaker and trainer in the international casino industry, who works for Explayner, his own company. In his effort to support casinos by improving their results and marketing strategies, he offers you a very useful article about the measures you need to take to successfully withstand new post-covid realities. Not to be missed!

As a last recommendation, we invite you to carefully read the interview with Mr. Radu Caraman, the general manager of Parol Games, who proposes an approach to the reality of the pandemic that we would like to see in as many people and companies in our field as possible. “I will not cut the budgets for advertising campaigns and jackpot prizes to counter the reduction of customers number and purchasing power caused by the pandemic, but on the contrary!”, he says.

The July-August edition aims, and I think it succeeds, to offer you a helping hand to overcome the difficulties of reopening our industry faster and easier. Certainly the war against Covid-19 has just begun. It’s up to us how it all ends.

Let’s stay safe and healthy!

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