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Editorial : Let the fun begin!

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

What can we do this summer? We have fun, of course. We can go to the sea or the mountains, to the pool or to an all inclusive resort abroad, but we can also spend our time in a casino floor or on an online site because our mind needs to relax, to get rid of stress or to feel the full adrenaline of gambling. Gambling has earned its place among the fun and, like anything in this world, is done on a budget, so let’s start the fun!

The promises are made to be kept and keeps its word and come on strong with the newest online platform on the market. is ready to update the Romanian online casinos top. The Cover Story material in this edition is dedicated to them. Through this launch, the company validates its reputation as the company with the most dynamic development in the Romanian gambling. We invite you to find out what are the values that guide the in the online environment, what is their mission and what they want to offer to their customers in order to bring the atmosphere from their land based casino floors in the online environment so that all players can enjoy the experience of their favorite casino directly from the couch.

Casino Inside 115

Casino Inside 115

The importance of information and petitions rights and how are they reflected in Romanian legislation, this is the topic of the article proposed by L.P. Luca Mihai Cătălin for this issue, through Mrs. Definitive Lawyer, Corina Ciobanu. On this occasion the author intends to make a brief presentation of the legal mechanisms for capitalizing and applying these two of the fundamental rights enshrined in the Romanian Constitution.


The global leader of games, IGT, has consolidated its offer dedicated to the Romanian market with products that focus on performance and with a customer-oriented staff and services. The multinational company continues to take advantage of its extensive knowledge of the industry and its experience in the field of casino games to develop new titles and solutions that will help casino operators throughout Romania to capture the interest of players and lead the game. In addition, you will meet Oana Sebe, IGT Sales Director, Romania, and get to know her better. This way you will notice that the IGT approach to the Romanian market is based on two pillars: quality products and quality staff. More about IGT in their dedicated material.


Game World Constanța, the only casino floor in Romania where you can admire the sunrise from the sea, where natural light generously enters the premises and which combines a wide variety of games and entertainment options with a modern and elegant ambiance, is preparing for a summer full of awards and special events. Moreover, after 12 years of activity in the seaside town, the largest casino floor on the seaside is now even bigger! On the other hand, the casino floor inside the City Park Mall, Constanța, has obtained the DEKRA Trusted Facily international certification in February for the correct and strict implementation of the safest sanitary measures to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. So you have every reason to come here to have fun!


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