Editorial – Let’s be positive

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Dear readers, I hope you and your families are fine. Certainly, the situation triggered by the coronavirus pandemic is a difficult time for all of us, but we must be optimistic. A positive state of mind will help us to overcome the problems that have suddenly arisen in our lives.

In our magazine we will keep you updated with news and information about the health system and the economy situation, with implications in the area of gambling. We will focus on the informational support dedicated to our readers and on the support we want to give our clients regarding their relationship with players.

The land based gambling industry, and not only that, is going through a difficult time and we are determined to help it. Your clients must remain informed and know that the measure imposed by the military ordinance is temporary. We are at your disposal anytime with communications, announcements, and any other messages that help you get back to normal easier, when the health crisis situation goes .

Let’s be optimistic and think positive. If each of us show empathy and think about the other when making a decision, then the world will be a better place. Common sense must prevail, no one wanted such a situation, so now we have to adapt to the situation and move on. But we must think in perspective and not lose sight of the essential: the health crisis will pass at some point and we will continue to manage an economic and social crisis, but especially one of mankind. The economic blockade that we see (if we do nothing) will cause wreaking havoc in society, greater than we can imagine. The cash flow in the economy, investments and consumption support will be the engines of economic recovery in Romania. Let’s hope that each one of us will make the right decisions … at the right time.

In the end, I only wish all of us to be safe, kind and to protect ourselves from panic. Fear is good for nothing, it only feeds mistrust, and fear can be just as destructive as a virus or disease, or even worse, it can irreversibly control our decisions on an emotional level, and we, now, more than ever, have to be rational and smile. A good laugh can change our mood. I turn off the TV and read to my child a lot of stories, laughing together and enjoying time spent with family.

Let’s stay safe and healthy!


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