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Saturday, 14 May 2016

By Insider

I am a consumer of gambling. I enjoy watching the news on poker, betting topics, or who has or how a new casino was built in the Nevada desert, for example. At the same time, I am a sober-minded player, a balanced one. I play, but just as much as I can afford to. I’m having fun. I socialize. From time to time, I hear the ill intended telling us that we are too B2B.

So, this time I thought I should to point out some interesting materials of this edition of Casino Inside, from the consuming area of gaming.

I start with the Cover Story article, which relates to a symbol, an idol of many poker players in our country and in the world: Daniel Negreanu. People love him, if not, they at least they take a shine to him, he makes good advertising to poker, he is open and humble, he is an ordinary man. He plays poker and does nothing else, nevertheless he has charisma and he communicates concentration at the table and sweats success. A Romanian, a Canadian. It does not matter. But he has what an ambassador needs. He talks to people. Listens. He is with us. We breathe the same air at the table. He loses. He wins. It does not matter. He lives. He is free through poker. Read his interview. It’s not about business to business …

Game World Bucharest Mall is a successful gaming operator. It is refined. It’s not the only one, there are some more. But how did it happened to have a story about their game room, their work there and promotions that attract customers. What is this article about? About fun, about people looking for good luck where they feel good. I mean consumers of games. It’s not about business to business …

Do you bet? I do, from time to time. I win. It is true, I do not play based on luck. I study, I like sports. Most of all I like tennis and any sport that involves an engine, maybe NBA too, but I don’t have a place to watch them anymore… not that I have the time … Our specialist in betting V. Macovei says that “Betting on tennis can be profitable only if they are analyzed from a broad perspective.” He continues: “Those new feel that it is very easy to win if you bet on the fit two athletes in the world, and especially if you have enough patience. But those who have extensive experience in the field know that things are not so.” You can find the rest of the material in the pages of our magazine. It’s interesting. It is for betting consumers. It is analytical. It helps people. It’s not about business to business …

People, for they are the ones we address through the Casino Inside project, need role models and motivational success stories,. In the series dedicated to “casino secrets” we insert occasionally some winning stories about people who have succeeded. This edition we talked about Isidore Partouche, the man who defied the prejudices and starting as an immigrant became a billionaire of the gambling world. That’s not business to business.

I only gave a few examples of topics that we address here in our B2C area – poker, betting, casino or successful personalities. The examples could be many, but I think you got the message.

Everything presented above is about people and not about business. So we are not just B2B, we have as many materials about the games, players and places to play.

Together with the area of editorial articles dedicated to the businesses in gambling, we get to a whole: Casino Inside.

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