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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

By Insider

  • History repeats itself because we forget it quickly. I remember when Casino Inside appeared on the market, the way the field of communication worked in the gaming industry. Wow, what times. We have created standards and we educated the market. Now some have forgotten what we did for them.
  • When we are calling various people in the industry to invite them to attend our events, often we get the answer that they are leaving the country on that day (or the days preceding the event) or they just arrive in the country. Either way they are in the airport or in transit. Sometimes I wonder if our gambling industry is stationed in airports throughout the world. Who operates in Romania anymore?
  • If someone does not know: if you want, you can buy Facebook likes! That does not mean you’re popular. Only fools believe that …
  • When we launched “The Online Petition – Stop the Nationalization of Gaming in Romanian” the phone rang day and night during that time, and people were congratulating us praying the initiative and supporting it. After the petition has reached its goal and managed to repel the attack of our domain, the same people who rang me on Saturday and Sunday and to whom I spoke with empathy, patience and compassion, no longer answer my calls.
  • By 2010, when we promoted on our magazine covers new personalities (of that time) in the field, or launched campaigns to support professional associations and employers in the industry by publishing articles, advertorials and interviews with members of their leaderships … others did what?.
  • It was said at one time, that our magazine is not read. After I wrote articles about the operation of gaming halls or bookies, followed endless phones calls and messages in which I was scolded and admonished for our audacity of describing what we saw. The people were actually quoting word by word from our texts. So we realized how “unread” we were …
  • In all these years there have been countless strangers who exclaimed: “You really are from Romania?” “Because your magazine is well above other international specialized top magazines, from the West”.
  • Do you remember Top Events of the Casino Inside brand: The ReUnion of Gambling Professionals, The Celebration of Gaming in Romania, the Slot Business Seminar, European Practice in Responsible Gaming and the Slot Summit. What was there on the market in 2010?

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