EDITORIAL – About success and responsibility

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

In our 95th edition, we present a series of materials focused on the idea of success and responsibility, as these two pillars represent the foundation of a healthy industry.

For our Cover Story, we have a very interesting material on ROMSLOT. We invite you to read the dialog we had with Mrs. Gherghina Ionescu, the association’s vice-president, and Mrs. Valentina Dobre, its secretary general. If in the last issue we spoke with Sorin Georgescu, the newly appointed president of ROMSLOT, about the priorities and the objectives of the association, in this issue, we have, in a way, closed the circle and we found out many other things about this association’s activity.

With regards to legislation, we offer you a special article signed Nicoleta Baragan, permanent lawyer with C.A. Luca Mihai Catalin, who analyzes the last proposals made as to modify the legislation regarding gambling in Romania, expressed recently, on May 13th, by means of the registration of a draft law within Romania’s Senate regarding the amendment and completion of Government Emergency Ordinance no. 77/2009 with regards to the organization and exploitation of gambling.

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We have the absolute pleasure and honor to host within our pages an event interview with one of the most brilliant minds that Romania has had in the last century. In the interview we invite you to read, Academician Professor Doctor Leon Danaila expresses his opinion (the opinion of a person specialized in neurology and psychology) with regards to how gambling should be perceived by the collective consciousness in Romania and about how we should approach this field, which is not so greatly viewed by the general public in our country, but which has made giant steps in the last 20-30 years towards regulation at European standards and towards social implication andraising awareness to a high degree among all actors involved in field. The discussion between Academician Leon Danaila and prof. dr. Marius Pantea on pathologic game, came to be as a result of statements made by certain politicians, who propose eliminating gambling from certain areas in Romania’s cities and who preach the idea that gambling is the worst of all evils in our society.

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Having been a part of the Romanian gambling industry since 2004, Liviu Popovici knows the Romanian gambling sector like the palm of his hand. He currently runs the Romanian Bookmakers and the Responsible Game Association and strongly believes that the industry can evolve in a sustainable manner only through responsibility. We talked to the Romanian Patronage of Betting Organizers with regards to the legislative challenges to which gambling operators are subjected, as well as the manner in which the public perception of gambling can be improved, and about getting involved in issues regarding responsibility.

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